Tom Wilmes

Blending: The Art and Science of Sours

When it comes to the wild unpredictability of making sour ales, blending can bring a beer into balance and create a product that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Striking Gold

Developing and bringing a new hops variety to market is a tricky proposition fraught with expense and uncertainty. Here’s how breeders, growers, and brewers are working together to bring promising new strains to beers near you.

Brotherhood of Brewers: Is Camaraderie on the Decline in Craft Brewing?

Brewers know they can tap the “brotherhood of brewers” for any help they might need. But, with more breweries operating now than ever, are industry vets less inclined to give so freely? The answer depends on who you ask—and who’s doing the asking.

Cans: The Fastest-Growing Packaging Choice

For their ability to protect beer, their portability, and continued consumer adoption, cans can’t be overlooked by packaging breweries today.

Legally Speaking

Set yourself up for success by evaluating the far-reaching implications of your business decisions early on.

Building Your Brand: Taproom and Brewery Design

Surly Brewing Co.’s new flagship brewery, restaurant, and beer hall reflect design guidelines that breweries of all sizes can learn from.

Quality: The Indefinable X-Factor

It’s not enough to make decent beer these days. Seek that special something that differentiates your brand from the rest.

Tasting Notes: How to Define Your Sensory Process

New Belgium Brewing’s Lindsay Barr offers practical advice on putting effective sensory analysis to work for you.

Ages and Stages in a Craft Brewery’s Development

Guiding a new brewery from its infancy into a productive, well-rounded, and functional business is no easy feat. Here, successful craft-beer entrepreneurs share their key strategies and guiding principles for realizing sustainable and satisfying growth.

Finding Success with Sours

Effectively working with mixed-culture fermentation and barrel aging can be a tricky, time-intensive business. Three of the industry’s best offer their insights.