John M. Verive

Gearhead: Yeast Just Want to Have Fun!

Brewers don’t make beer, yeast do—but they also make a lot more yeast. Here’s a look at some of the specialized gear that brewers use to propagate and ensure consistent pitches from batch to batch.

Thirst Responders: The Convivial Business of Draft Beer on Wheels

These entrepreneurs outfitting classic hot rods and fire engines with draft lines and cold boxes say they’re in the business of spreading joy—and in the meantime, they’re winning new converts to craft beer.

Dazed & Infused: THC in the Brewery

Legal hurdles aside, there are technical obstacles to getting the main psychoactive component of cannabis into beverages in a stable, predictable way. John M. Verive explains the challenge, the science, the gear—and why it’s coming to a brewery near you.

Recapturing CO2: It’s a Gas

Brewers are dumping their blow-off buckets and reusing precious carbon dioxide rather than releasing it into the atmosphere. The benefits include cost savings, reducing greenhouse emissions—and, some say, better beer.

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Sustainability at Any Scale: Environmental Projects for Smaller Breweries

Environmental sustainability initiatives used to be novel, but now they are becoming the cost of doing business. What’s more, the next generation of beer drinkers is likely to demand more.

American Real Ale: What Condition Cask Condition Is In

Does slow, subtle cask ale still have a place in today’s variety-driven, can-cluttered American scene? Along with a primer on the gear and vocabulary, here’s why this is an endangered tradition this side of the Atlantic—and why it refuses to die.

Pilot Breweries Are Flying Us into the Great Unknown

Some brew systems make beer for us to drink. Others just solve mysteries—providing an acceptable outlet for failure and serving as the lifeblood of craft beer.

Gearing Up to Brew Lager

Great lager depends upon exacting attention to details—and not only when it comes to fermentation and conditioning. Here we look at brewhouses specifically designed with lager in mind, to better appreciate what makes them different.

Outside the Beer Box: New Solutions, for the New Solutions

The rising interest in hard seltzer and other not-so-beery beverages—including kombucha, wine, coffee, and more—has led to new looks at existing gear in the brewhouse—as well as investments in equipment or partnerships that could have wider benefits.

Beyond Beer: Ninkasi’s Pacific Sparkling Brand Keeps the Brewery Humming & Widens its Audience

For Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon, the benefits of developing hard seltzer expertise and its Pacific Sparkling brand far outweighed the product’s perceived lack of romance.