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Video Course: The Art, Science, and Business of Wood-Aged Beers with New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Limbach

New Belgium’s wood-cellar director and master blender Lauren Woods Limbach shares pragmatic advice based on years of experience developing and running a large-scale blending program

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Hospitality: Practical Food & Beer Pairing with Greg Engert

From flavor fundamentals that anyone can follow to specific matchups of beer styles and dishes, the Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s Greg Engert leads a master course on pairing great food with great beer.

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Brewing: Award-Winning Beer Quality with Jonathan Reeves

Northern Virginia’s Port City Brewing has been a perennial GABF medal-winner since its founding a decade ago. In this video course, Jonathan Reeves shares his top-to-bottom approach to ensuring technical excellence in the brewing program.

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Hospitality: World-Class Beer Service with Greg Engert

From breaking down flavor profiles to proper pouring, glassware, and caring for draft lines, Greg Engert of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group lays out his approach to world-class beer service in this full-length video for All Access subscribers.

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Maintenance: How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery, with 2nd Shift

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, shares his know-how on keeping a brewery running—and what to do when things break down.

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How to Win a Beer Competition

BJCP Certified Judge and award-winning homebrewer Paul Odell covers the inner-workings of beer competitions and offers tips to help you stand out and win with your next entry.

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Full Video: Fundamentals of Building Your Brewery

Thinking about opening a brewery? Start here to learn everything from licensing to location to profitability.