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Selecting Malts for IPAs that Win

In IPAs, hops do the talking, but building the right platform gives them the best chance to have their say. Here, a few award-winning brewers share advice on creating that malt base—especially for the American and West Coast styles—plus, we look at a new base malt designed especially for IPA.

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Finding and Managing the Right Food Program for Your Taproom

Most people who operate small breweries don’t want to go into the restaurant business—yet food is an increasingly important way to attract customers and increase beer sales. For small breweries considering what kind of food program might be the best fit, here are some lessons learned.

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Breakside’s Guide to Institutional Beer Quality | Brewing Course

Ben Edmunds, cofounder and brewmaster of Breakside Brewing in Portland, Oregon, shares his insights on how to build and maintain a methodical quality program that can take your brewery’s beers from consistently good to consistently excellent.

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Putting Mid-Fermentation Dry Hops to the Test

Recent experiments at New Belgium could help smaller breweries decide whether the benefits of mid-fermentation dry hopping are worth the potential costs.

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The Art, Science, and Business of Wood-Aged Beers with New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Limbach

From forecasting your foeders to flavoring with fruit, New Belgium’s wood-cellar director and master blender Lauren Woods Limbach shares the expertise she’s amassed over more than two decades of running a successful, large-scale wood-aging program.

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Brewing a Business: How to Open a Brewery

So you want to open a brewery? Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Case Study: In a Tough Market, NoDa Is Growing by Leveraging Quality and Retail Flexibility

Bucking the current headwinds to grow via distribution, Charlotte’s NoDa Brewing has ambitions to become no less (and no more) than the brand of the Carolinas.

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Brewery HR: The FTC Nixed Noncompetes. What About NDAs?

As the federal government moves to ban noncompete agreements, businesses can look to other methods for protecting themselves. Here’s what it means for small breweries and their teams.

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Packaging: A Look at Digital Can Printing for Small Breweries

While the tech is still young, the digital printing of cans is growing in capacity and becoming more accessible—and it can be done quickly, in batches as small as a half-pallet.

Infographic: The Over/Under on Beer Ratings

To illustrate how some styles of beer tend to attract more effusive ratings than others, we compared the top scorers in several categories.

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Malt Insider: Investigating What Sets Floor Malt Apart

Could floor-malted barley provide an edge for your beers? It has old-fashioned charm and its share of fans, even if its differences with pneumatic malt are relatively subtle. However, new research is beginning to explore what makes floor-malted barley different.

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Quality Control: Embracing SOPs in the Lab

For anyone serious about quality, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well-thought-out binder packed with standard operating procedures. Here’s how to get started on SOPs for your brewery’s quality program.

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Alt-Distro: A Look at Nontraditional Distribution Models for Small Breweries

Amid wholesaler consolidation and a tightening market, could alternative distribution methods help small breweries achieve their goals?

10 Barrel’s Tonya Cornett to Receive Russell Schehrer Award

Among others to be recognized at the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference, the 10 Barrel brewmaster is set to receive one of the industry’s top honors.

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Smooth Operations: The ERP ‘Aha’ Moment

Here’s how software for enterprise resource planning has helped breweries unlock previously invisible insights that can save money and grow sales.

Gearhead: The Enviable Lightness of Craft Lager

What does it mean to worship at the altar of crisp? For brewers, it means special attention to technique, fermentation, and clarification.

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