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How to Improve Quality Control Without Breaking the Bank

For a smaller brewery ready to improve data collection and quality control, the idea of adding a lab or dedicated staff may seem out of reach. However, there are real steps that any brewery can take to help ensure quality—and many cost little or nothing.

Infographic: Tracking the Top 50 Craft Breweries, Over the Years

You’re probably familiar with the Brewer’s Association’s annual list of top 50 craft breweries by volume. In this infographic that we update annually, track those breweries’ ups and downs from year to year.

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Responding to Inflation (Without Raising Prices)

From packaging mix to vendor contracts, here are areas that deserve breweries’ attention when margins are shrinking and every dollar counts.

Dazed & Infused: THC in the Brewery

Legal hurdles aside, there are technical obstacles to getting the main psychoactive component of cannabis into beverages in a stable, predictable way. John M. Verive explains the challenge, the science, the gear—and why it’s coming to a brewery near you.

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“Beyond Good Beer”: Are Prestige Beer Events Losing Their Luster?

As large-scale, destination beer festivals emerge from COVID hiatuses, they are encountering a different competitive and economic landscape from just a few years ago.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, the Late Summer, Everything Is Expensive Edition

From software price hikes and CO2 scarcity to electrolytes and THC, here is a roundup of some recent news and announcements from around the industry.

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Are Soluble Hop Products Set to Disrupt Craft Brewing?

In the second of a three-part series focusing on hop products that weren’t available to 20th century brewers, Stan Hieronymus examines a few of the many alternatives that may boost the bottom line as well as help ensure aroma and flavor quality.

Case Study: Connecticut’s Fox Farm Finds Success in Classic Styles and a Warm Welcome

In rural New England, Fox Farm Brewery is sticking to its winning formula: Create a peaceful, welcoming customer experience and studiously make the kinds of traditional beers that the team likes best.

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More Lessons Beer Can Learn from FMBs, RTDs, Energy Drinks & Beyond

You don’t have to join ’em to beat ’em. Trends in flavored malt beverages, canned cocktails, and even nonalcoholic products suggest new ways to develop and market beer that connects with today’s exploratory drinkers.

Tricks of the Trellis: When to Switch Hop Varieties

Hop growers face a tough decision every year: What do we plant? Claire Desmarais, sales and marketing manager for CLS Farms in Washington, explains how growers navigate the tricky supply and demand driven by brewers and drinkers.

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Can Bioengineered Yeast Solve Your Brewing Problems?

Labs and brewers are only beginning to discover the potential benefits of bioengineered yeast strains, from improving the flavor and quality of the beer to quicker turnaround time and potential cost savings.

Chicago’s Maplewood Is Growing While Keeping “that Neighborhood Vibe”

This hybrid brewery and distillery is igniting growth with a second location while staying true to the quality-focused principles that lit its spark.

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Spirited Side Projects: Breweries Mix It up with Canned Cocktails

Looking to widen their customer base, hybrid brewery-distilleries are getting into ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

The Beer Ticker: Industry News & Notes, Midsummer 2022 Edition

From mergers and acquisitions to free gas money, here are some recent news and announcements from the industry.

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