Brewing a Business

So you want to open a brewery? Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Are You Maximizing Your Brewery’s Medal Potential?

Some brewers put a lot of thought and care into their contest entries—and the rest are at a disadvantage. To increase your chances of winning, here are some top tips from the organizers of major international competitions.

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On the Care and Feeding of Foeders

They don’t just look impressive and produce some unique beers, but they’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Might a foeder be a good fit for your cellar?

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Malt Insider: The Promise and Possibility of Sustainable Grains

There’s an exploratory movement among craft brewers to go beyond brewing with barley. The flavors coming out of this movement are delighting palates, helping to reduce environmental degradation, and promoting social justice.

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Hops Insider: What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year’s disappointing harvests in Czechia and Germany were marked not only by substantially lower yield, but also by lower alpha-acid content, among other differences. Here’s the context and what you need to know to make adjustments in the brewhouse.

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Case Study: Forager & Humble Forager

Minnesota’s peculiar beer laws compelled Austin Jevne and Annie Henderson to spin off a contract-brewed brand distinct from their original brewpub. Turns out, the lemonade they made from those lemons tastes pretty sweet.

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Brewery Bars in Stadiums: Ready for the Big Leagues?

From the NBA to the NHL to minor league baseball, sports venues are looking for local beer brands to join the widening variety of local food. Here’s a look at the costs and opportunities for small breweries considering whether to jump into the arena.

Behind The Bar: How We Bring Draft Back

Craft beer on draft is struggling to make its comeback, but by focusing on certain details—and by helping to educate bars and restaurants on service and presentation—we can restore it to pride of place.

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Lager Yeast: New Developments, New Opportunities

While we have a plethora of options for ale yeast, lager strains have been few and relatively similar. That’s already changing thanks to recent research, and brewers who rethink lager may be the ones who stand out in a tightening market.

Using Spreadsheets to Track and Improve Fermentations

Widely available programs such as Excel or Google Sheets can be simple yet powerful tools for your brewing business, helping you achieve more consistent fermentations and a more predictable brewing schedule.

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Hops Insider: Rightsizing the Hop Market

Many hop growers are cutting back on acreage this year, aiming to re-balance supply and demand while a large surplus sits in inventory. Here is some context on the situation and what it will mean for brewers.

Q&A: Revolution CMO Doug Veliky

The chief financial officer turned chief marketing officer at Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, known for dabbling in hot takes via his humorous social-media presence @beeraficionado, offers his perspective on the trends facing craft beer in 2023.

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Planning and Saving: Buying Brewhouse Equipment Today

It’s 2023, and the beer market and supply chain may never return to whatever “normal” once meant. Likewise, the market for brewhouse equipment has changed in significant ways. Whether you’re starting a brewery or making adjustments, here’s what to know.

Case Study: Suarez Family Brewery

In New York’s Hudson Valley, one of the country’s most respected family-run breweries is keeping it small and intentional, making deliberate choices aimed at better living.

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Hops Insider: The Evolving Quest for (More) Thiols

Welcome to “Searching for Thiols: Season 6.” The plot is getting more complicated, but it includes looking beyond hops to find more thiols to pack into beer, developing new yeast strains, and reconsidering practices both in the brewhouse and on the farm.

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