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How Should a New Brewery Get Hops? (Video)

Should you contract? Spot market purchases? Brewing industry veteran Ramon Astamendi shares his perspective.

Case Study: Highland Brewing Co.

A pioneering brewery in Asheville saw an opportunity to redefine itself amid a changing landscape and an identity crisis. Under the leadership of the second generation, this family brewery is ready to re-establish itself for modern consumers.

Determining Your Taproom Capacity (Video)

Hauck Architecture Principal Dustin Hauck shares his insight regarding taproom capacity and sizing your space to meet your sales projections.

Q&A with Denizens Brewing’s Cofounder Julie Verratti

Those who say beer and politics don’t mix clearly haven’t met Julie Verratti. Along with her wife and brother-in-law, she cofounded Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring, Maryland, a city all too close to the Washington, D.C., border.



The Saint Louis Brewery™ Wins Right to Register Trademark for the Schlafly Name

After a seven-year dispute, the courts deny appeal by Phyllis Schlafly and her children to block the St. Louis-based craft brewery from using the Schlafly name

Case Study: Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

Two siblings, already accustomed to running a business, took a chance on a new venture and launched a large craft brewery in a place where there was thirst but little supply. A year in, they are more successful than any business plan could have imagined.

BY: John Holl

What is a Trademark? (Video)

Candace Moon shares a clear, concise description of what a trademark is in the world of beer.

Q&A: Maine Beer Company’s Cofounder and Brewer Dan Kleban

Maine Beer Co. is more than just a brewery. “We wanted to try to prove a point that companies, even as small as we started and as small as we still are, can be a true model for good in the world and really have a positive impact,” Kleban says.

Growth Considerations for Small Breweries (Video)

Industry veteran and Wild Barrel Cofounder Bill Sysak shares tactics for smart, local growth.

The Ultimate Reusable Container

When a keg gets damaged and can no longer perform its primary function, many are rerouted to a Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility where they are repaired and made to look just like new.

BY: John Holl

Brewery Accounting: Begin with the End in Mind (Video)

Beverage Business Builders Founder Mary Brettman shares her perspective on forming an accounting system for a new brewery in this video excerpt from the Brewery Workshop.

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Full Video: Fundamentals of Building Your Brewery

Thinking about opening a brewery? Start here to learn everything from licensing to location to profitability.

All the Beer, None of the Stainless

Opening a facility on the opposite side of the country has been a growth model for a number of breweries. But while most have focused on production breweries with taprooms, The Bruery upended that script by just opening a taproom and retail outlet.

BY: John Holl

No Return: The Practice of One-Way Kegs

As brewers look to expand into markets far from their home base, they are increasingly turning to one-way plastic kegs to help achieve the goal of serving fresh draft beer without worrying about stainless-steel kegs finding their way back to the brewery.

BY: John Holl