Brewing a Business: How to Open a Brewery

We've taken the original course and expanded it with lessons to address the current state of operating a brewery! Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing + El Weirdo, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Quality Control: Embracing SOPs in the Lab

For anyone serious about quality, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well-thought-out binder packed with standard operating procedures. Here’s how to get started on SOPs for your brewery’s quality program.

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Alt-Distro: A Look at Nontraditional Distribution Models for Small Breweries

Amid wholesaler consolidation and a tightening market, could alternative distribution methods help small breweries achieve their goals?

10 Barrel’s Tonya Cornett to Receive Russell Schehrer Award

Among others to be recognized at the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference, the 10 Barrel brewmaster is set to receive one of the industry’s top honors.

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Smooth Operations: The ERP ‘Aha’ Moment

Here’s how software for enterprise resource planning has helped breweries unlock previously invisible insights that can save money and grow sales.

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The Art, Science, and Business of Wood-Aged Beers with New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Limbach

From forecasting your foeders to flavoring with fruit, New Belgium’s wood-cellar director and master blender Lauren Woods Limbach shares the expertise she’s amassed over more than two decades of running a successful, large-scale wood-aging program.

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Brewing a Business: How to Open a Brewery

So you want to open a brewery? Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Gearhead: The Enviable Lightness of Craft Lager

What does it mean to worship at the altar of crisp? For brewers, it means special attention to technique, fermentation, and clarification.

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Hops Insider: New Research for Fine-Tuning Hop-Forward Beers

Brewers looking for greater efficiencies and longer-lasting hop aroma, among other things, can find several avenues to explore in recently published studies.

Poll: Beer-Shipping Laws Lag Far Behind Consumer Interest

An annual survey of drinking-age adults again finds that many would spend to have beer shipped to their homes from other states—if they could.

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Malt Insider: Ancient Grains in Modern Beers

Going beyond barley into ancient grains can be a way to form stronger connections with local farmers, promote sustainable agriculture, and produce more distinctive beers.

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Preparing to Launch: Brewery Incubators Are a Balancing Act

From incubators to accelerators, a range of business models aims to help would-be breweries overcome barriers and launch their brands.

Infographic: Shifts in How We Drink

Beer-drinking habits continue to evolve in unexpected ways, whether it’s adding nonalcoholic drinks to a beer purchase, younger drinkers being more likely to prefer packaged beer over draft—are bottles getting cool again?—or beer consumption itself defying common assumptions, such as the modest increase among our (admittedly self-selected) audience. Here, we plot a few interesting points.

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Building the On-Ramp: Vocational Programs for Brewers

Based on insights from those who’ve done it successfully, we look at how small breweries can set up training programs that both widen and deepen craft beer’s talent pool.

TTB Hears from Small Breweries on Nutrition Labeling

The process behind long-expected changes in federal labeling rules is lumbering into motion. Brewers have until March 29 to submit public comments on how proposed requirements would affect their businesses.

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How Some Breweries Are Expanding in a Tough Market

Whether anecdotal or statistical, there is plenty of unwelcome news to go around the brewing industry these days—and yet, success stories continue. Here, we look at a few breweries that are growing, and how and why they’re doing it, despite the prevailing headwinds.

After Fatal Accident, Fellow Brewers Kick In

The craft-brewing community in North Carolina and around the country is responding this week after the accidental death of Dan Wade, cofounder of Wooden Robot in Charlotte.

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