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Video Course: The Art, Science, and Business of Wood-Aged Beers with New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Limbach

New Belgium’s wood-cellar director and master blender Lauren Woods Limbach shares pragmatic advice based on years of experience developing and running a large-scale blending program

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Fostering a Culture of Quality in the Brewery

It takes more than a skilled brewer to consistently make great beer. It takes a holistic approach that extends from the top to every employee—and even to the drinkers themselves.

Dead Heads, Shockwaves, and the Search for the Perfect Pump

The beating hearts of a brewery aren’t glamorous and won’t impress casual visitors, but they can do a great deal to improve how brewers do their jobs. They can also make a lot of noise.

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Hops Insider: Putting Survivables to the Test

Research into the aroma compounds that best survive the brewing process—and which hops are high in them—has changed how brewers add hops to their IPAs and other beers. As more research emerges, so do more opportunities to improve hop aroma.

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Brewing a Business: How to Open a Brewery

So you want to open a brewery? Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Tasting Beer: Mastering Your Palate with Randy Mosher

By applying a more holistic, brain-aware perspective on your own sensory data, you can improve your ability to evaluate beer and raise the level of your brewery’s quality control and analysis.

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Bacillus: Mostly Harmless, Until It’s Not

Brewers don’t typically lose sleep over Bacillus, despite it being ubiquitous throughout the brewery. Being aware of it and knowing when it can cause problems can help ensure better, more consistent beer.

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How Malt Choices Affect Beer’s Shelf Life

In the battle against staling, understanding your malt’s free amino nitrogen content is a tactic worth deploying.

Case Study: Braxton Brewing Is Focused on the Fundamentals

The eight-year-old Kentucky brewery is recentering on core principles while diversifying its revenue streams, aiming to get back to growth.

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Big Reasons to Stay Small

Three owners of very small breweries explain why running their businesses without investors—or even many employees—has helped keep them afloat.

Behind The Bar: Making Front of House Top of Mind

Finding, keeping, and developing great hospitality staff has never been tougher. There are no quick-and-easy answers, but here are some practical measures for attracting and empowering a strong team—so they can better deliver the experiences that keep customers coming back.

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“This Isn’t Beer”: The Steep Learning Curve of NA Production

Nonalcoholic beer is a growing category, and some smaller breweries are getting into that space. However, doing it properly may entail much more study, planning, and compliance than you expect.

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Stay a While: Campers Offer Breweries a Potential Revenue Stream

Whether higher-maintenance or on easy mode, in the remote countryside or an urban parking lot, offering spaces to camp can bring in more revenue for breweries.

Keeping Together’s Averie Swanson Is Embracing the Saison Niche

The owner and head brewer of Keeping Together—formerly of Chicago, now of Santa Fe, New Mexico—talks about leaning into farmhouse-inspired brewing and helping drinkers unlock their flavor memories.

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Hops Insider: What’s the Future for Boutique Hops?

With hop harvest behind us, now is the time to find unique new varieties (before everybody else knows their names).

Infographic: The Strength in Strength

This year has seen craft beer continue its remarkable bifurcation in purchasing behavior, as on-premise diverges ever further from retail.

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