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Sober Employment: Creating An Alcohol Use Policy

Allowing alcohol consumption on the job or in a workplace creates potential liability for any business, but it's hard in the world of brewing, and that risk comes with the territory. Safeguard your business and employees by creating an alcohol-use policy.

How Crypto Could Impact Craft Beer

This isn't a deep dive into what Bitcoin or blockchain technology is (you can Google that) but an examination of how cryptocurrency could impact the craft-beer industry.

Determining Tank Cleanliness After CIP (Video)

Modern Times QA/QC Manager Morgan Tenwick shares her experience with an affordable tool for your brewery, allowing you to determine the cleanliness of different surfaces.

Case Study: Highland Brewing Co.

A pioneering brewery in Asheville saw an opportunity to redefine itself amid a changing landscape and an identity crisis. Under the leadership of the second generation, this family brewery is ready to re-establish itself for modern consumers.



Determining Your Taproom Capacity (Video)

Hauck Architecture Principal Dustin Hauck shares his insight regarding taproom capacity and sizing your space to meet your sales projections.

Q&A with Denizens Brewing’s Cofounder Julie Verratti

Those who say beer and politics don’t mix clearly haven’t met Julie Verratti. Along with her wife and brother-in-law, she cofounded Denizens Brewing Co. in Silver Spring, Maryland, a city all too close to the Washington, D.C., border.

BY: John Holl

The Saint Louis Brewery™ Wins Right to Register Trademark for the Schlafly Name

After a seven-year dispute, the courts deny appeal by Phyllis Schlafly and her children to block the St. Louis-based craft brewery from using the Schlafly name

How Should a New Brewery Get Hops? (Video)

Should you contract? Spot market purchases? Brewing industry veteran Ramon Astamendi shares his perspective.

Case Study: Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

Two siblings, already accustomed to running a business, took a chance on a new venture and launched a large craft brewery in a place where there was thirst but little supply. A year in, they are more successful than any business plan could have imagined.

BY: John Holl

What is a Trademark? (Video)

Candace Moon shares a clear, concise description of what a trademark is in the world of beer.

Q&A: Maine Beer Company’s Cofounder and Brewer Dan Kleban

Maine Beer Co. is more than just a brewery. “We wanted to try to prove a point that companies, even as small as we started and as small as we still are, can be a true model for good in the world and really have a positive impact,” Kleban says.

Growth Considerations for Small Breweries (Video)

Industry veteran and Wild Barrel Cofounder Bill Sysak shares tactics for smart, local growth.

The Ultimate Reusable Container

When a keg gets damaged and can no longer perform its primary function, many are rerouted to a Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility where they are repaired and made to look just like new.

BY: John Holl

Brewery Accounting: Begin with the End in Mind (Video)

Beverage Business Builders Founder Mary Brettman shares her perspective on forming an accounting system for a new brewery in this video excerpt from the Brewery Workshop.