Q&A: Kevin Asato, Executive Director of the National Black Brewers Association

The NB2A’s executive director shares the vision and mission driving this new industry group, which aims to reduce inequity and expand opportunities while growing the cultural footprint of craft beer.

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Can Brewers Reap Benefits from Regenerative Barley?

The farming practices are still new and not always clearly defined, but supporters of regenerative agriculture make the case that it could lead to better grains, better beer, and happier farmers.

How Data Collection Helped Breakside Beat the Hop Creep and Reduce Tank Time | Video Tip

In this clip from his video course, Breakside cofounder and brewmaster Ben Edmunds explains why ALDC is no silver bullet when it comes to hop creep—and how his team found a better way to use it while shaving off some tank time.

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Hopping Your Way to Better NA Beers (and Waters)

Plenty of evidence suggests that skillfully applied hop character can make NA beers more satisfying. While making them both tasty and food-safe is a challenge, the knowledge base is growing alongside the number of hop products that can help.

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The Art, Science, and Business of Wood-Aged Beers with New Belgium’s Lauren Woods Limbach

From forecasting your foeders to flavoring with fruit, New Belgium’s wood-cellar director and master blender Lauren Woods Limbach shares the expertise she’s amassed over more than two decades of running a successful, large-scale wood-aging program.

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Brewing a Business: How to Open a Brewery

So you want to open a brewery? Join Allan Branch, founder of History Class Brewing, as he takes you from why and where, to how.

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Infographic: The Truth About Brewery Closures

Much is made of the current market challenges facing beer. Lost in the discussion of brewery closures is a broader question: ”What should be normal?” From the Summer 2024 issue of our Brewing Industry Guide, here are a few stats for context.

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Wine Ought? How and Why Some Breweries Are Stomping Grapes to Diversify

A smattering of craft breweries across the country are making natural wines—and it’s not just an afterthought. Here’s how they’re adding a widely popular beverage while treating its creation in the same way they treat their brewing: with intention.

The Practical Benefits of Hot-Side High-Gravity Brewing | Video Tip

Looking for a way to get better yield while maximizing your equipment and hitting your targets consistently? Try mashing and brewing to a higher gravity, then adding water before fermentation. Breakside brewmaster Ben Edmunds explains.

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Why Some Breweries Are Hiring for Talent

Seeking capability rather than job-specific experience while cross-training your staff on a variety of tasks can reap dividends. Here’s how some brewery operators are looking at hiring in a new way that strengthens their teams and offers competitive advantages.

Case Study: Portland’s Grand Fir is a Brewer-Chef Super Team-Up with a Vision

In Portland, Oregon, a lauded brewer and a celebrated chef join forces for a modern brewpub that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

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Malt Protein: A Collab with Farmers, Maltsters, and Mother Nature

From the barley farmer’s rain forecast to adjusting your grain bill, here’s how malt develops its protein content and what that means for your beer.

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Hops Insider: Middle-Finger Hops, Bag-of-Weed Terpenes, and More

New varieties and products on the immediate horizon range from a defiantly intriguing public hop to compounds that might emulate “sticking your head in a bag of weed.” Will you apply the eye dropper, or the sledgehammer?

Rethinking Your Brewery’s Water Profiles | Video Tip

In this clip from his video course, Breakside brewmaster Ben Edmunds makes the case for streamlining the number of water profiles at your brewery—a change that leads to better comparisons among beers and adjustments that can improve multiple beers at once.

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Field Quality is Critical to Craft Beer—and It’s Everyone’s Job

Successful breweries prioritize quality, from raw materials all the way to finished, packaged product. Yet even after your beer leaves the brewery grounds, there are ways to help ensure that people are enjoying the best possible version of it.

Behind The Bar: Looking Ahead When a Business Closes

It’s never easy when some doors shut for good—especially when you’ve put so much into opening them and running the business. Yet hospitality evolves, change is inevitable, and each hard-earned lesson can strengthen your next endeavor, ensuring that the past becomes prologue.

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