Brewing Industry Guide

Case Study: Lamplighter

With a coffee shop, brewery, taproom, and kitchen all within a 10,000-square-foot space in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lamplighter Brewing is filling a need for the local community, no matter the time of day.

Q&A: Jeffrey Stuffings of Jester King

The cofounder of the Austin, Texas, mixed-culture brewery shares thoughts on how Jester King is growing and diversifying, balancing hospitality with production, and adjusting to shifting market demands.

At a Glance: Sales Trends Going into 2020

Hard seltzer continues to sparkle; cans are set to out-fill bottles; and brewers are betting high on low-strength, low-cal, low-carb.

On-Premise: Managing Multiple Taprooms

Opening new locations that serve as satellite locations for your beers has the potential for great success.


Case Study: Workhorse

Learn what you don’t know, then get the right help to execute. Workhorse Brewing in Pennsylvania is planning on growth through smart applications of elbow grease.

BY: John Holl

How 2ndKitchen is Helping Breweries Increase Revenue by Serving Food

A brewery could open its own kitchen. However, when you factor in the costs—hiring a chef, obtaining the right licenses, rent, ingredients, equipment, construction, and so much more—it’s a big hassle.

Amid Recalls, Brewers Urged to Scrutinize Their Canning

Greater demand for cans, and wider varieties of beer and canning materials, are leading to greater potential for issues.

Dogfish Head Launches Online Running Club

In time for New Year’s resolutions and Dry January, Delaware brewery announces a “virtual community” for runners.

Marketing Beer: Give Me Space

With more breweries than ever and crowded shelf space, getting precious off-premise real estate takes hard work. Once you get it, keeping that placement takes more of the same.

BY: John Holl

Congress Approves Extension to Excise Tax Cuts for Brewers

Brewers to enjoy lower excise taxes for at least one more year.

Tools of the Trade: Managing Beer Releases

Special releases aren’t seasonal anymore. For many breweries, these have become a weekly or monthly affair. Add to that membership clubs that offer special access, and you need a way to track each bottle and can.

BY: John Holl

Case Study: Our Mutual Friend

What's it take to go from being an amateurish nanobrewery to an award-winning one that thrives in Denver, one of the country's most beer-saturated markets? Hard work, hard conversations, and confidence.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Despite the best-laid plans, some partnerships just don’t work out. Here’s how to deal with those unforeseen circumstances and separate successfully.

Private Investors (with a Brewpub) Buy Ballast Point from Constellation

Backed by a group led by a former hotelier, little-known Kings & Convicts buys the home of Sculpin from a global drinks firm.