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Behind the Bar: Why Glassware (Still) Matters

It’s not all four-packs and boss pours. Glassware chosen to elevate particular kinds of beer—and to help you sell more of it—still has a valued place at the bar and taproom.

Greg Engert Jan 27, 2022 - 9 min read

Behind the Bar: Why Glassware (Still) Matters Primary Image

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Emphasis on beer glassware almost seems passé these days. If a wide array of glasses was once the hallmark of storied beer traditions and the calling card of respectable beer bars and breweries, now the focus has shifted to pushing packaged beer—primarily the 16-ounce can—and a streamlined glass offering. When that offering expands, it’s often to include vase-like vessels filled to the boss-pour brim on social media.

What happened? Where did all the glassware go?

Okay, perhaps the present situation isn’t as dire as it appears. Before we consider it, let’s take a step back for some context.

Drinkware: Utility and Aesthetic

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Greg Engert is beer director of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, whose bars and restaurants include ChurchKey, Rustico, and the Bluejacket brewery, among others.