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Bestmalz Invites Your Best Alts to Germany

The Heidelberg-based maltster is inviting brewers around the world to brew an altbier with Bestmalz ingredients and enter their competition.

Brewing Industry Guide Staff Feb 25, 2022 - 2 min read

Bestmalz Invites Your Best Alts to Germany Primary Image

Fresh malt being packaged at Bestmalz in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo: Courtesy Bestmalz

March 24 is the final day to register for a competition to brew the best altbier, with the winner getting a trip to Munich.

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, Bestmalz organizes the BestBrewChallenge competition, open to brewers around the world—professionals as well as hobbyists. Each year the company chooses a different style and a malt that must be used in the recipe. This year, participants must use Best Chocolate malt in their Düsseldorf-style altbiers.

Once participants are registered, the company asks that they brew on the same day, March 25, for a “worldwide joint brew-in.” Brewers then have until June 1 to submit their beers, which get evaluated by an experienced panel of judges.

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