Bestmalz Invites Your Best Alts to Germany

The Heidelberg-based maltster is inviting brewers around the world to brew an altbier with Bestmalz ingredients and enter their competition.

Brewing Industry Guide Staff Feb 25, 2022 - 2 min read

Bestmalz Invites Your Best Alts to Germany Primary Image

Fresh malt being packaged at Bestmalz in Heidelberg, Germany. Photo: Courtesy Bestmalz

March 24 is the final day to register for a competition to brew the best altbier, with the winner getting a trip to Munich.

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, Bestmalz organizes the BestBrewChallenge competition, open to brewers around the world—professionals as well as hobbyists. Each year the company chooses a different style and a malt that must be used in the recipe. This year, participants must use Best Chocolate malt in their Düsseldorf-style altbiers.

Once participants are registered, the company asks that they brew on the same day, March 25, for a “worldwide joint brew-in.” Brewers then have until June 1 to submit their beers, which get evaluated by an experienced panel of judges.

For the brewers of the winning beer, Bestmalz will cover travel and accommodation to the Drinktec trade show in Munich in September. The winning beer also will be brewed and served at the show. There are also prizes for second place, third place, and for the best label and packaging. All participants who submit beers receive a T-shirt and professional feedback on their recipe.

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