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Does Your Brewery Really Need to TikTok?

In the context of an industry desperate to attract younger customers, can small breweries looking to grow their brands afford to overlook such a popular platform? Here we look at the potential pros and cons of getting into the TikTok game.

Courtney Iseman May 28, 2024 - 15 min read

Does Your Brewery Really Need to TikTok? Primary Image

Screengrab: @fatpantsbrewing on TikTok. Illustration: Jamie Bogner.

For all the algorithmic headaches, social media in general have a low-cost marketing power that none can deny.

Instagram, for example, can be a marketing tool with a relatively low barrier to entry. When you’re using it to spread the word about your latest release or upcoming event—not necessarily trying to become the next big influencer—you don’t need to spend much time or any money to create an effective post.

But then a platform like TikTok comes along, surging in popularity despite the looming possibility of a government ban. Now, to tap its diverse and young-leaning user base, your small business would have to create new videos—and if they don’t hit some magic formula, perhaps by using a trendy sound clip, they get lost in the abyss. Would you need to find someone on your team who’s familiar with the platform, or could that be your next hire? Then there are TikTok’s rules about alcoholic beverages—no paid spend can go toward promoting them, and the restrictions on alcohol-related content are complex.

That may all sound like more trouble than it’s worth. However, eschewing TikTok altogether means missing a chance to project your brewery’s brand more widely and meaningfully. Besides, as craft beer struggles to attract younger drinkers, is it wise for any brewery to ignore one of their favorite platforms?

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