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Business on Tap: Mismanaged Draft is Profits Down the Drain

When one craft-beer bar realized that it was losing more than $175,000 on mismanaged beer, the owner turned to technology and training to help right the ship.

John Holl 2 months ago


Photo by Haydn Strauss

It’s an all-too-common sight: a bartender standing at the tap, pouring a glass of foam. On particularly busy nights or sometimes because of poor training, the foam is topped out, more is poured in, and the process is repeated until a full glass of beer is achieved. Each ounce of that foam is money lost for the bar.

No one can question the quality of the staff at The Avenue Pub in New Orleans. The bar is continuously ranked among the best craft-beer bars in the United States with a tap list that gets even the most hardened of beer geeks smiling. You can expect great local and national drafts on each visit, along with a dizzying array of imports that are rarely seen anywhere else in the country.

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