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Case Study: Green Bench Brewing

Deep roots in the community and wide-open doors were in the schematics of Green Bench Brewing of St. Petersburg, Florida, from the start. Since then, head brewer and co-owner Khris Johnson has shepherded the brewery from strength to strength.

Joe Stange Nov 23, 2020 - 21 min read

Case Study: Green Bench Brewing Primary Image

Green Bench Brewing cofounder Khris Johnson. Photo: Zachery Howard

One of the taps in Green Bench’s taproom is always more special than the others—and it doesn’t have much to do with the beer that pours from it. It has more to do with the people who brew it, who pour it—and especially with those who choose to drink it.

Open since 2013, when it became St. Petersburg, Florida’s first independent brewery, Green Bench is highly regarded for a diverse range of technically accomplished beers: IPAs, lagers, saisons, mixed-fermentation concoctions, ciders, meads, and even classical session-strength ales. But on that special tap, the style—currently a keller-pils, for what it’s worth—is less important than the context.

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