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Case Study: Our Mutual Friend

What's it take to go from being an amateurish nanobrewery to an award-winning one that thrives in Denver, one of the country's most beer-saturated markets? Hard work, hard conversations, and confidence.

Sarah Howat Dec 11, 2019 - 13 min read

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Brandon Proff is a young, mild-mannered, creative type. He works as a UX designer by day and a brewery owner by night. He’s hip, but he’ll never admit it. He’s humble. He chooses his words wisely, and they pack a punch.

Jan Chodkowski is a calm, smiling-eyed, self-taught brewer. He was formerly the manager of a house-painting company during the week and a homebrewer on the weekends. He’s talented, but he’ll never say it. He’s forthright and kind.

They are self-made and self-designed. They founded Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado, in 2012 and have put their previous experience to work all while finding new challenges.

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