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Case Study: Suarez Family Brewery

In New York’s Hudson Valley, one of the country’s most respected family-run breweries is keeping it small and intentional, making deliberate choices aimed at better living.

Joe Stange Feb 9, 2023 - 18 min read

Case Study: Suarez Family Brewery Primary Image

Photo: Eva Deitch

The only brewery taproom in Livingston, New York—population 3,628—is closed for the winter. When it opens again on March 23, 2023, there might well be a festive burst of energy, as when German beer gardens reopen in the spring.

If you go there, you won’t have to choose which draft beer you want because only one will be available—brewer’s choice. Most likely, it will be below 5 percent ABV. It will not be an IPA.

To say that they do things differently at Suarez Family Brewery might be understating the case.

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