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Quality Control: Embracing SOPs in the Lab

For anyone serious about quality, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a well-thought-out binder packed with standard operating procedures. Here’s how to get started on SOPs for your brewery’s quality program.

Jessie Smith Apr 11, 2024 - 9 min read

Quality Control: Embracing SOPs in the Lab Primary Image

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Standard operating procedures (SOPs) may sound like a dry topic, but they’re more interesting than you might think—or maybe I’m just biased, since I find a thorough SOP binder so satisfying.

SOPs are crucial to any successful quality program. They set the baseline for all employees—and once written, they have the power to make your life much easier.

The following advice applies to brewery labs of any size. Whether you’re happy with a small operation or you have big plans to expand, having these guidelines in place will streamline the staff training and make your team’s methods more consistent.

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Jessie Smith is the owner and principal scientist at Queen City Quality, a lab testing service designed with New York State breweries in mind.