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Financing Your Brewery (Video)

This video tackles the nuts and bolts of financing and starting up a new brewery, from partnership structure to attracting investors to managing cash flow over the critical first six months of operation.

Mary Brettmann Jan 21, 2019

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How much capital do you need to survive? What’s the best corporate structure to protect you from liability while attracting investors? What are reasonable growth goals for a new brewery? How do you manage cash flow in a new business? What are some of the places to find loans and financing that aren’t immediately apparent?

The following experts share their opinion:
- Chris Sarette (COO, Modern Times)
- Rick Wehner (Founder, Brewery Finance)
- William E. Camacho (Principal, CLTVT)
- Mary Brettmann, CPA (Beverage Business Builders)
- Doug Constantiner (CEO/Cofounder, Societe Brewing)
- Andrew Schwarz (VP & Senior Commercial Lender, Torrey Pines Bank)

This video is a seminar from the Brewery Workshop: San Diego 2018, which was held from August 5-8, 2018.