How This Startup Is Helping Breweries to Manage To-Go and Delivery Orders—for Free.

Breweries now face the problem of managing to-go and delivery service at scale. Enter 2ndKitchen 2Go, a completely free platform built to help breweries survive the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19.

2ndKitchen (Sponsored) Apr 2, 2020 - 6 min read

How This Startup Is Helping Breweries to Manage To-Go and Delivery Orders—for Free. Primary Image

As more than 75 percent of Americans live in an area that is under mandatory lockdown—including the closure of all restaurants and taprooms—COVID-19 has presented a major problem for craft brewers. How do taprooms stay operational and get their beer to consumers?

Closing down taprooms leaves a huge revenue void for breweries. Market research from Nielsen on the craft beer industry shows that 40 percent of all beer volume sold by craft breweries happens at the taproom. Last year alone, more than 3.6 million barrels of beer were sold to beer consumers at breweries.

In the wake of Coronavirus, many states have loosened regulations on the sale of to-go and delivery alcohol sales. This presented taprooms an opportunity to make up for the loss in on-premise sales by selling their beer online through to-go and delivery orders.

Breweries, distilleries, and wineries now are tasked with the problem of finding a platform to help them manage to-go and delivery service at scale. Enter 2ndKitchen, a startup well known in the brewery community for helping taprooms serve food without a kitchen.

The startup knew its customers were struggling and began to develop a platform to allow breweries to continue operating during COVID-19 through online to-go and delivery sales, now known as 2ndKitchen 2Go.

What is 2ndKitchen 2Go?

2ndKitchen 2Go is a complete curbside pickup and delivery platform for breweries to sell to-go beer, merchandise, and collect donations.

It provides taprooms, distilleries, and wineries with a virtual store, allowing them to continue selling their products—from growlers, six-packs, T-shirts, and more. 2ndKitchen 2Go manages setup, delivery, customer service, and more—so you can focus on other aspects of your brewery and what you do best: make beer.


Six Reasons Your Brewery Should Already Be Using 2ndKitchen 2Go

1. It’s an All-In-One Online Store for Managing To-Go & Delivery Orders, Merch, and Donations
2ndKitchen 2Go pulls in everything your brewery sells into one platform—from facilitating curbside growler orders, managing taproom-to-consumer delivery, selling brewery merchandise, and collecting donations for the taproom and staff.

Previously breweries would need a platform for online orders, another tool for selling merch, and a third tool for driving donations. Now taprooms can take advantage of 2ndKitchen 2Go and centralize all of its offerings in one place.

2. It’s Completely Free
The best part of 2ndKitchen 2Go is it’s completely free. The 2ndKitchen team built the platform to provide a solution for taproom managers and brewery owners, as well as to help them survive the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19.

That’s why they have made the product 100 percent free for breweries to use.

3. It Handles Delivery by Tapping into Third-Party Courier Services
2ndKitchen 2Go leverages its existing partnerships with third-party delivery companies such as DoorDash and Postmates to facilitate deliveries. This means that breweries won’t need to spend time finding a delivery solution for their online orders, and they won’t need to spend resources on customer support for delivery issues.

This is one of the biggest advantages of 2ndKitchen 2Go over other online ordering and delivery apps for breweries. With other platforms, they only provide you with the online store, and it is the responsibility of the brewery to find a delivery solution.


4. You Can Import Your Items Directly From Untappd
Does your brewery already list its craft beer and merch on Untappd? 2ndKitchen 2Go integrates directly with Untappd, allowing you to directly import your brewery’s products from your Untappd menu—allowing you to easily set up your online store in a matter of minutes.

5. It Allows You to Brand Your Taproom’s Online Store
2ndKitchen 2Go provides your taproom with a customized link and white-labeled solution. Breweries are able to brand their 2ndKitchen 2Go e-commerce store with their own logos, images, and branding to give a fully-integrated customer experience.

6. It Provides Insights and Analytics Into Your Customer’s Spending Habits
Now that you’re running all of your sales through an online store, any reports or data that you’re used to getting from your POS system won’t be accessible.

However, 2ndKitchen 2Go provides taproom managers and owners with a robust dashboard called Chef—allowing you to access all of your brewery’s sales to see which items are the most popular, trends and insights into your customers, and to help keep your most popular items in stock.

How to Get Your Taproom Setup with 2ndKitchen 2Go

Getting a virtual store for your brewery set up with 2ndKitchen 2Go is easy to get started.

Once the 2ndKitchen team gets your taproom into its network, its team helps set up and launch the portal with all your brewery’s items, brands the app with your logo and images, and provides you with a marketing kit to drive awareness of your new online store.

So what are you waiting for? 2ndKitchen 2Go is the newest and most simple way of selling your brewery’s products online for free.

Click here to get started with 2ndKitchen 2Go today.