Lilypad: Industry Leaders Weigh in on Beer Sales Best Practices

Lilypad's Beer Sales Best Practices Blog and E-Book is packed with specific recommendations that could reshape how you manage your sales teams, adapt in an ever-changing market, and assess the future of craft brewing.

Lilypad Solutions (Sponsored) Mar 19, 2020 - 4 min read

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In life, when we don’t know the answer to a question, we typically either turn to steadfast resources like Google, or we seek the advice of family or friends. In business, however, these two resources can often turn from reliable to confusing or inconsistent very quickly. Obviously, instead of getting lost in a never-ending rabbit hole of information, the best course of action during uncertainty is to turn to the experts. If you have a question about finances, you’d turn to your accountant. If you need help building out your taproom, you would call your builder, contractor, electrician, and plumber.

But what do you do when you have questions about creating successful relationships with your distributors, or need help planning for a new product launch? Who do you turn to when you are interested in learning more about leading an effective sales team?

You’re going to want to hear from the experts in the beer industry doing the job.

That’s why we formed our Beer Sales Best Practices panel during the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference. Our team at Lilypad & Fintech took the opportunity to ask a few industry experts how their teams thrive in the face of a hyper-competitive craft industry. Our panelists, consisting of sales leaders from CANarchy, Allagash, Left Hand, and Two Roads, shared unfiltered advice with an audience of more than 200 brewing professionals. The CBC panel served as a unique opportunity to ask hard questions that we believe will ultimately lead to the betterment of alcohol teams everywhere.

During our time with these industry experts, we dove into a collaborative discussion on key topics impacting sales teams today. We asked for the nitty-gritty details on instituting a motivating company culture, using goals and incentives to drive lucrative behavior, utilizing a data-driven sales strategy, and successfully growing chain relationships. We knew that addressing these topics could be transformative to other brewers in today’s craft beer world who were tackling the same challenges.

Once our conversation ended, we knew we couldn’t let the information fade away. To that end, we created our Beer Sales Best Practices Blog and E-Book for anyone who wasn’t at the CBC for our full discussion. The e-book is packed with hidden gems and actionable takeaways that could reshape how you manage your sales teams, adapt in an ever-changing market, assess the future of craft, and everything in between. Throughout this e-book, we deliver our experts’ best practices in ways that are directly applicable to your business. Are you ready for a crash course in advanced brewery sales management? Click here to read the first five articles of this series, which are live on our website today. Sign up to receive at the end of March the exclusive e-book, which deep-dives into Data-Driven Strategy, Depletion Data, Chain Sales, Incentives, and The Future of Craft.

As a 30-year veteran in the alcohol industry, Fintech is constantly looking for ways to better the lives of our clients and partners. That’s why we joined forces with Lilypad to collectively offer the technologies that will help your brewery expand your brand and drive sales. Visit us at and to learn more.