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Malt Producers Evolve for a Changing Beer Industry

As small breweries proliferate, the largest malt producers—known for consistency, quality, and scale—aim to innovate and stay nimble to serve the changing market.

Ben Keene Mar 30, 2021 - 12 min read

Malt Producers Evolve for a Changing Beer Industry Primary Image

Small-scale malting for research and development at Great Western’s Malt Innovation Center in Vancouver, Washington. Photo: Courtesy Great Western Malting.

“You might say malt is having its moment,” Scott Garden tells me when I reach him by phone in Vancouver, Washington. “It used to be people asking about hops, hops, hops, but now we hear people saying, ‘Tell me a little more about the malt.’”

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Author of The Great Northeast Brewery Tour, a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Beer, and former editor of BeerAdvocate, Ben Keene has judged beer competitions across the US and has spoken at industry conferences and conventions. He lives in Seattle.