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Report: Consumer Interest in Direct-Shipped Beer Outpaces Its Legality

The Brewers Association and Sovos ShipCompliant have teamed up on a report that gauges drinkers’ interest in having beer shipped to their homes. Among craft beer drinkers, 84 percent say state laws should be updated to allow it.

Brewing Industry Guide Staff Mar 10, 2021 - 5 min read

Report: Consumer Interest in Direct-Shipped Beer Outpaces Its Legality Primary Image

Photo: Jamie Bogner

While the wine industry enjoys liberal interstate commerce, beer mostly remains locked into a system that prevents direct-to-customer (DTC) shipping. Currently, only 13 states allow out-of-state breweries to sell and ship beer directly to people’s homes.

In a report released March 9, the vast majority of beer drinkers surveyed said it should be legal to do so, while most brewers also said they would consider DTC shipping if it were allowed.

Harris Poll conducted the survey in January for Sovos ShipCompliant—a firm whose technical support helps alcoholic-beverage companies cope with the complexities of state and federal regulations. The survey included more than 1,800 consumers and almost 150 independent brewers. Among those consumers were 568 who identified as those who drink craft beer at least once per month.

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