Don Tse

Don Tse is an internationally recognized beer writer and beer judge, working from his home base in the middle of North America’s barley belt.

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Under the Microscope: Fermentation Under Pressure

A method known to the largest lager brewers and many homebrewers remains relatively rare at small breweries—pressure fermentation. When properly applied, it can be an effective way to trim tank time and control the quality of cleaner-fermenting beers.

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The No-Boil Challenge

Inspired by traditional farmhouse brewing, and further propelled by positive results—including increased sales—some brewers say they’re getting better beers without boiling.

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Under the Microscope: Getting to Know Exogenous Enzymes

Better brewing through chemistry? From avoiding stuck mashes to boosting hop aroma while dodging diacetyl (and decreasing tank time), there may be multiple uses for exogenous enzymes in your brewery.

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Not So Fast: Tips on Brewing Better “Quick Sour” Beers

Kettle acidification has become an important technique in the craft brewer’s bag of tricks. Here’s some advice from a few of the best in the business on how to get greater consistency and depth of flavor when deploying lactic acid–producing bacteria.

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On the Care and Feeding of Foeders

They don’t just look impressive and produce some unique beers, but they’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. Might a foeder be a good fit for your cellar?

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Lager Yeast: New Developments, New Opportunities

While we have a plethora of options for ale yeast, lager strains have been few and relatively similar. That’s already changing thanks to recent research, and brewers who rethink lager may be the ones who stand out in a tightening market.

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Under the Microscope: The Widening World of Acidification

Quick acidification has become an important tool in the flavor kit of craft breweries worldwide. Brewers have honed their methods while labs have added plenty of new options. So, how well do you know your microbes?

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Under the Microscope: Could Tank Geometry Take Your Beer to the Next Level?

Some brewers make a strong argument for wider, shallower fermentors—for better esters, healthier yeast, quicker turnaround, and more.

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Under the Microscope: Opening Up About Open Fermentation

What is open fermentation, and why do some brewing businesses—both traditional and modern—swear by it? Here we take the lid off this method and consider its unique set of strengths and drawbacks.

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Under the Microscope: Six Tips to Improve Your Fermentations

Happy yeast make better beer and a stronger brewing business. Here are some tips from the yeast whisperers to maximize your fermentations and lock in greater consistency.