Don Tse

Don Tse is an internationally recognized beer writer and beer judge, working from his home base in the middle of North America’s barley belt.

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Can Bioengineered Yeast Solve Your Brewing Problems?

Labs and brewers are only beginning to discover the potential benefits of bioengineered yeast strains, from improving the flavor and quality of the beer to quicker turnaround time and potential cost savings.

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Under the Microscope: Brewing a Sense of Place with Wild Yeast

What does “local” taste like? Ask a microbe. From clean lagers to funky farmhouse ales, capturing yeast from your brewery’s backyard can lead to distinctive products that belong to their locale.

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Under the Microscope: Better Beer with House Yeast?

Is your small brewery ready for its own house yeast strain? Here are some key factors to consider, from sourcing it to keeping a close eye on it.

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The Tropical Trend: Getting More Tiki from Mixed Fermentations

Brewers have become adept at squeezing more fruit flavors out of their hops as well as producing lush fruit beers that evoke tropical cocktails. However, there is another way to amplify those crowd-pleasing flavors in your beers.

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What’s Going on in There? Looking at the Tech that Looks into Your Fermentors

Devices that monitor fermentation in real time and apps that make data analysis a snap can help improve quality and output. They can also save breweries money, reducing the chances for error.

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Under the Microscope: Clean Brewing with Kveik

Yeast labs are enjoying sales success with clean kveik strains, since their ability to ferment lager-like beers in much less time has obvious appeal. Besides reduced costs and climate impact, they are potential game-changers for hotter climates worldwide.

Under the Microscope: Dealing with Diastaticus in the Brewhouse

Determining whether a yeast is a contaminant is like deciding whether a plant in your garden is a weed—it all depends on whether you want it there. The insatiability of diastatic strains can be a danger if uninvited. Properly managed, it can be an asset.

Beyond the Ball Announcement: Getting Past the Can Crunch’s Latest Twist

Ball’s new minimum orders and higher prices have left independent brewers scrambling. Besides higher costs industry-wide, likely knock-on effects include streamlined SKUs, a return to labeling and shrink sleeves, and a boom in digital can printing.

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How Yeast Can Help Smaller Breweries Join the NA Beer Game

There are only so many ways to make a low- or no-alcohol beer, and none provide an easy route to a product that tastes good—especially for smaller breweries. However, one increasingly viable option is specialized yeast. Here’s how it works.

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Coming Soon: Even More Yeast Strains, Thanks to New & Old Tech

Brewers have never had more choices when it comes to yeast, and the arrival of new strains is accelerating thanks to selective breeding and gene editing. Bespoke yeasts, anyone?