Jamie Bogner

Infographic: The Truth About Brewery Closures

Much is made of the current market challenges facing beer. Lost in the discussion of brewery closures is a broader question: ”What should be normal?” From the Summer 2024 issue of our Brewing Industry Guide, here are a few stats for context.

Infographic: The Over/Under on Beer Ratings

To illustrate how some styles of beer tend to attract more effusive ratings than others, we compared the top scorers in several categories.

Infographic: Shifts in How We Drink

Beer-drinking habits continue to evolve in unexpected ways, whether it’s adding nonalcoholic drinks to a beer purchase, younger drinkers being more likely to prefer packaged beer over draft—are bottles getting cool again?—or beer consumption itself defying common assumptions, such as the modest increase among our (admittedly self-selected) audience. Here, we plot a few interesting points.

Keeping Together’s Averie Swanson Is Embracing the Saison Niche

The owner and head brewer of Keeping Together—formerly of Chicago, now of Santa Fe, New Mexico—talks about leaning into farmhouse-inspired brewing and helping drinkers unlock their flavor memories.

Infographic: The Strength in Strength

This year has seen craft beer continue its remarkable bifurcation in purchasing behavior, as on-premise diverges ever further from retail.

Q&A: Atrevida’s Jess and Rich Fierro Are Looking Forward

Atrevida Beer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, became nationally known last year, but not in the way that any brewery would choose. Here, cofounders Jess and Rich Fierro talk about how Jess got into brewing and about managing through traumatic circumstances.

Infographic: The Hops Pullback

As hop growers and the brewing industry manage an ongoing hop surplus, farmers this year planted fewer acres. But will that mean fewer hops? Here, we sketch out the past 15 years of hop acreage, as well as hops kept in stock over that time.

Q&A: Roadhouse Cofounder Colby Cox

The cofounder of Roadhouse Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, discusses growing with confidence, the challenges of integration, and how sustainability helps the bottom line.

Infographic: Brewing Industry Burnout, Quantified

A recent survey found a high degree of occupational exhaustion among people who work various jobs in the brewing industry. Here we present the responses graphically as a violin plot.

Infographic: The Top 50 Craft Brewers by Volume in 2023

This week the Brewers Association updated its annual list of the top 50 craft brewers in the United States by volume of beer produced, so we’ve updated our infographic that tracks the shifts in rankings and new arrivals each year.