Jamie Bogner

Infographic: Hops Around The World

Where are your hops grown? To put the hop-growing regions in their global context, here’s a comparative look at the production in various countries.

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Q&A: Highland CEO Leah Wong Ashburn

At the helm of North Carolina’s Highland Brewing, founded by her father Oscar Wong in 1994, Leah Wong Ashburn discusses how they’re doubling down on people, values, and experience in today’s challenging environment.

Infographic: Pacific Northwest Hops in 2022

As the harvest gets under way, here’s a visualization of the latest USDA estimates for this year’s hop crop in the Northwest.

Infographic: Tracking the Top 50 Craft Breweries, Over the Years

You’re probably familiar with the Brewer’s Association’s annual list of top 50 craft breweries by volume. In this infographic that we update annually, track those breweries’ ups and downs from year to year.

Q&A: Odell’s Brendan McGivney and Eric “Smitty” Smith

At times, Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, has flirted with becoming a major national player. These days, McGivney as COO and Smitty as CEO are looking instead to dig deeper locally, appealing to a broader base of drinkers in their regional market.

Infographic: Packaging Trends

Consumer preference around packaging format is a moving target. Here, we visualize packaging on a global scale as well as recent movement in consumer trends in the United States.

Q&A: 3 Fonteinen’s Werner van Obberghen

The business of supporting a creative brewing and blending enterprise is always delicate, but in the case of 3 Fonteinen, the weight of history and the expectations that come with brewing inside a storied tradition can create additional challenges.

Infographic: Hops In, Hops Out

Hops are an international crop. Here, we’ve charted the inflows and outflows of the U.S. hop market, as suppliers ship to brewers around the world and as American brewers import mainly from Europe, Oceania, and Britain.

Infographic: Ship It!

While the pandemic has led to a general loosening of restrictive Prohibition-era laws regarding beer for takeaway and delivery, there’s still plenty to do to liberalize the United States’ antiquated approach to alcohol regulation.

Infographic: It Was Not a Good Year for Barley

Weather conditions in 2021 led to a challenging barley crop—the smallest in the US since 1934—leaving maltsters scrambling while prices climb. How significant was the decline? Here, we plot the past decade of U.S. barley harvests.