Jamie Bogner

Big Results in Small Packaging

We spoke with small brewers along the spectrum, from single-fill manual packaging (crowlers, growlers) to mobile canning to owned canning lines, for this guide to getting the most from your packaging program.

Q & A: Managing Debt at Your Brewery

One of the most common causes of brewery change of control or bankruptcy is mismanaging debt. Kary Shumway, CFO of Wormtown Brewery, spoke with Jamie Bogner about ways that breweries can use debt constructively without letting that debt run the business.

Editor's Letter: A Bright Future for Craft Beer

Jamie Bogner, the Cofounder & Editorial Director the Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® Brewing Industry Guide welcomes you to the Summer 2019 issue.

Q & A: Other Half Brewing Co. Cofounder and Brewer Sam Richardson

Other Half Brewing, long the sought-after IPA and stout maker in Brooklyn, New York, is expanding operations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is getting bigger.

Editor's Letter: The Changing Winds in Beer

Jamie Bogner welcomes you to the Brewing Industry Guide for the second quarter of 2019.

Branding Your Brewery: Your Brand Is Not Your Logo (Video)

Craft Beer & Brewing Cofounder/Editorial Director Jamie Bogner discusses the broader meaning of a brewery brand and how you can craft a story that people care about.

Marketing Remotely to Sell More Beer at Home

Today, brewers use the power of remote audiences to build demand for their beer, but niche festivals, burst distribution, and collaborations have created new avenues for reaching dedicated non-local fans.

Q&A: Maine Beer Company’s Cofounder and Brewer Dan Kleban

Maine Beer Co. is more than just a brewery. “We wanted to try to prove a point that companies, even as small as we started and as small as we still are, can be a true model for good in the world and really have a positive impact,” Kleban says.

Case Study: Pinthouse Pizza

For Pinthouse Pizza, a multi-location Austin, Texas, brewpub, small brewhouses give them the ability to use larger production brewery–quality techniques while retaining the flexibility to innovate and create new experiences for customers.

More Bang, Less Bucks: Brewhouse Design Trends That Allow You To Make Better Beer, Faster

The old equation of “buy a bigger kettle to brew more beer” no longer applies to today’s craft brewers. Brewhouse manufacturers have answered the call, bringing smart solutions to small breweries for production gains that don’t require breaking the bank.