Jamie Bogner

Optimizing Beer Sales During a Pandemic—Online & On-Premise

Q: How do you increase sales despite stringent regulations for health and safety? A: Don’t think of your customers as monolithic. Instead, consider their different comfort levels, and what you can do to create compelling experiences for each.

Infographic: Customers and The Return to On-Premise

Customers’ attitudes toward returning to on-premise consumption have been in motion throughout the pandemic. From our Winter 2020 issue, here is a pre-holidays glance at some factors in those decisions.

Q&A: Denizens Brewing’s Julie Verratti on How to Engage in Politics to Help Your Business

Julie Verratti has become a sage resource for brewery operators navigating their give-and-take relationships with government. Here, she talks about building trust with lawmakers and speaking out on the measures that can help get us through the pandemic.

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Packaging Innovations: Contain Your Excitement

Tectonic shifts in buying behavior have caused a tidal wave of disruptions to packaged goods. Brewers have mostly managed to surf that wave, barely replacing lost draft volumes. Yet as consumer demand evolves, new formats offer new opportunities...

Infographic: The Brewery Tech Stack

It’s unusual to get wide visibility into the accounting, POS, communication, and e-commerce systems used by breweries, but a recent survey by Ekos offers a snapshot. Here are the takeaways.

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Q&A: Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing

The Belgian brewmaster of the Midwestern craft pioneer discusses the new growth in core brands, the challenge of balancing the COVID-era desire for efficient purchases with the yen to explore, and the dramatic acceleration of hard seltzer.

Q&A: Eric Wallace of Left Hand Brewing

The longtime co-owner and operator of Left Hand Brewing in Longmont, Colorado, shares perspectives on adapting to crises and getting people and businesses safely through this pandemic.

Infographics: Recover & Rebuild

Back in May, we asked subscribers a range of questions related to the pandemic shutdown, reopening, safety, buying habits, and more. More than 4,200 responded. We compiled those insights into the graphics here, published in our Summer 2020 issue.

Infographic: Tracking the Brewers Association Top 50

The Brewers Association's list of top 50 craft brewers (ranked by volume) has seen some shifts over the years. We first mapped this out in 2015, and we update it every year. Here’s the latest snapshot of growth, contraction, and consolidation.

Brewhouse Trends: Starting Small, Growing with Care

The times, they are a-changin’. Gone is the old startup mantra of “plan big for growth,” replaced by a lean “test the concept and grow with demand” philosophy. That's pushing equipment manufacturers toward innovative, scalable solutions.