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Jamie Bogner

Protecting Beer Drinkers (and Your Business) By Labeling Major Allergens

The explosion of adjunct ingredients in today’s craft beer, combined with rising rates of food allergies in the general population, makes it more important than ever to be up front with customers about what’s inside the beer you brew.

Balancing Craft Beer's Unbridled Enthusiasm of Possibility and a Concurrent Chicken-Little Dread

Our Editorial Director welcomes you to Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine's Brewing Industry Guide QTR 1 2018

Q & A with Funkwerks Cofounder Brad Lincoln

Funkwerks Cofounder Brad Lincoln talks about growth, his brewery's recent deal with Brooklyn Brewery, and shares thoughts on the future of craft beer.

Tough Branding Questions and Budgeting for Brand Development

Here are five questions that every craft-beer brand should ask before undertaking the process of branding and building a beer business as well as some basic cost ranges for brand development.

Successful Branding

Whether you’re updating an aging brand or creating a fresh brand from scratch, here are some fundamental considerations for creating brands that connect with your audience.