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“Beyond Good Beer”: Are Prestige Beer Events Losing Their Luster?

As large-scale, destination beer festivals emerge from COVID hiatuses, they are encountering a different competitive and economic landscape from just a few years ago.

Kate Bernot Aug 1, 2022 - 10 min read

“Beyond Good Beer”: Are Prestige Beer Events Losing Their Luster? Primary Image

Collaboration Fest in Denver. Photo: Jamie Bogner.

Destination beer festivals are due for a temperature check. More than two years after the onset of COVID, large-scale events—and their $100-plus ticket prices—are back. Yet there’s a sense among organizers and festival-attending brewers that perhaps not all longstanding events are as hot as they once were. There is also a sense that the idea of a hotel-ballroom fest with a lineup of best-in-class breweries isn’t moving the needle the way it did five years ago. Even the Great American Beer Festival’s presale didn’t sell out entirely this year.

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