Kate Bernot

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Fostering a Culture of Quality in the Brewery

It takes more than a skilled brewer to consistently make great beer. It takes a holistic approach that extends from the top to every employee—and even to the drinkers themselves.

Case Study: Braxton Brewing Is Focused on the Fundamentals

The eight-year-old Kentucky brewery is recentering on core principles while diversifying its revenue streams, aiming to get back to growth.

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Big Reasons to Stay Small

Three owners of very small breweries explain why running their businesses without investors—or even many employees—has helped keep them afloat.

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Stay a While: Campers Offer Breweries a Potential Revenue Stream

Whether higher-maintenance or on easy mode, in the remote countryside or an urban parking lot, offering spaces to camp can bring in more revenue for breweries.

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Parting Ways, Peacefully

Breaking up, as they say, is hard to do. When a brewery and its cofounder or head brewer part ways, planning ahead goes a long way toward helping to prevent acrimony.

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A Jolt of Hospitality: Breweries See Benefits in Offering EV Chargers

If you build it, they will come... Some breweries are discovering that investing in chargers for electric vehicles can attract more customers while serving wider company goals.

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The First Rule of Selling Saison? Don’t Talk about Saison

While many brewers love a well-made, Belgian-inspired saison—dry, refreshing, and great with all kinds of food—it can be a tough sell to North American drinkers. Yet the style has broad potential when breweries highlight the liquid’s virtues.

Case Study: Twin Oast Has Built a Destination Brewery in Ohio

This bucolic Catawba Island brewery lures visitors with 63 acres of orchards and farmland—then turns them into loyal fans of its impeccable beer. Its next act? Acquiring another, distinctly less agrarian, brewery.

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Fruit in the Forecast: The Challenge (and Upside) of Planning Ahead

Whether using whole fruit or purees, breweries benefit by estimating their needs in advance.

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Breweries Face Tough Decisions on UPCs

Walmart, the country’s largest retailer, says it will require unique UPCs for each seasonal and variety pack—and other stores may follow suit. From the potential for packaging headaches to changing sales data, here’s what breweries need to know.