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Brave Noise Collab Aims to Sustain Anti-Sexism Push

The recent social media–fueled reckoning in the beer industry has led to a new open-source collaboration. Brave Noise aims to continue the conversation about sexism, discrimination, and workplace culture at breweries worldwide.

Brewing Industry Guide Staff Aug 13, 2021 - 3 min read

Brave Noise Collab Aims to Sustain Anti-Sexism Push Primary Image

Don’t call it a moment. Call it momentum.

What began on May 11 as an invitation to share stories about sexism blew up into an ongoing reckoning, as Notch Brewing’s Brienne Allan has so far relayed more than 1,000 personal accounts ranging from pervasive misogyny to violent assault on her Instagram feed, @ratmagnet.

Besides compelling many breweries to take a good, hard look at their internal cultures and policies for reporting incidents of discrimination, the accounts have led to multiple investigations and resignations. Beer’s own “#MeToo” movement raises the troubling question of whether the industry can be one where women feel both safe and welcome.

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