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Stay a While: Campers Offer Breweries a Potential Revenue Stream

Whether higher-maintenance or on easy mode, in the remote countryside or an urban parking lot, offering spaces to camp can bring in more revenue for breweries.

Kate Bernot Oct 30, 2023 - 10 min read

Stay a While: Campers Offer Breweries a Potential Revenue Stream Primary Image

Photo: Courtesy Harvest Hosts

Wherever they go, April and Ken Pishna say their love of beer follows them on the road. For more than five years, the couple has lived out of their RV—traveling across the United States, working from the road, and visiting plenty of breweries along the way.

They document these adventures and brewery visits on their blog, Living a Stout Life. In January 2023, they made a decisive move that cemented them as a “#vanlife” family: They sold their home in Colorado. The Pishnas’ travels often take them to breweries; a couple of times a month, they park their RV at a brewery for a night or two.

“Especially if [the brewery] is more remote, you can relax a bit and not consider driving,” Ken Pishna says. “Breweries that have a place for us to stay for the night make it fun to fully enjoy that place.”

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