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Case Study: Workhorse

Learn what you don’t know, then get the right help to execute. Workhorse Brewing in Pennsylvania is planning on growth through smart applications of elbow grease.

John Holl Jan 13, 2020 - 10 min read

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A lot of ideas happen during bachelor parties. Usually these are booze-filled notions that often lead to unpleasant consequences. However, sometimes they lead to a gem. To wit: the pre-wedding excursion that Dan Hershberg found himself on a few years ago.

Through his cousin, Hershberg had met Bob Bonder when they were in college. They stayed in touch over the years, and when his cousin was about to be married, Hershberg once again found himself with a group that included Bonder, the owner of Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio), among the revelers.

“We were in Austin, and we started talking about what he was doing with beer and his business, and I found it fascinating,” Hershberg says. “I was an entrepreneur and had been in the same business for seven years and was looking for a new professional challenge. Craft beer wasn’t on my radar, but after I heard about what Rhinegeist was doing and learned about the industry, I wanted to see if I could get involved.”

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