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Hops Insider: Making Adjustments for This Year’s American Hops

The 2022 harvest in Central Europe was historically bad, but the Pacific Northwest also had an off-year, with aromas of many varieties more muted than usual. Here’s how to make adjustments so you can brew the best beer from what you’ve got.

Stan Hieronymus Apr 10, 2023 - 11 min read

Hops Insider: Making Adjustments for This Year’s American Hops Primary Image

Hops nearly ready for harvest in the Yakima Valley, Washington. Photo: Joe Stange.

Here we go again: Much like hot and dry weather in Europe last year affected the balance between essential oil and alpha acids in many Noble hops, unfavorable weather in the American Northwest dulled the aroma intensity of some popular varieties used in hop-forward beers.

Adjustments may be necessary.

Or, as the team that assembles the BarthHaas Hop Harvest Guide puts it, “Our sensory panel notes show the fruity aromas tend to be restrained in 2022, giving way to floral, woody, and menthol notes. You will likely need to be modifying hop additions in terms of quantity and timing, and also consider targeted sensory blending of hop varieties from the current harvest.”

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