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Hops Insider: Revenge of the Hop Creep

In a market with no room for error, neither is there room for avoidable off-flavors—including diacetyl and other issues caused by hop creep. Research continues into its causes and how best to avoid or eliminate it before beer leaves the brewery.

Stan Hieronymus May 15, 2023 - 13 min read

Hops Insider: Revenge of the Hop Creep Primary Image

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Amid tighter-than-ever competition for shelf space, it’s not only what’s in the can or on the label that needs to be new and interesting. That liquid also better be packaged flawlessly.

The problem of hop creep has received enough attention in the past few years that it is sometimes used as a proper noun. Yet it still presents a threat to that liquid, and many brewers have failed to take sufficient measures to combat it. Even those brewers who take those precautions can still benefit from the latest research into both the causes of hop creep and how to reduce its impact.

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