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Hops Insider: What’s Up Down Under, Kiwi Edition

Hop harvest in the Southern Hemisphere begins in March. In the first of two reports on what’s new with hops Down Under, we zoom in on the recent dynamism in New Zealand hop-growing.

Stan Hieronymus Dec 19, 2022 - 11 min read

Hops Insider: What’s Up Down Under, Kiwi Edition Primary Image

Sunset at Freestyle Hops in Nelson, New Zealand. Photo: Courtesy Freestyle Hops.

In no other hop-growing region in the world is change occurring as dynamically as in New Zealand.

The United States imports more hops from New Zealand than from any other country besides Germany. In recent years, it’s been more than from Australia and the Czech Republic combined. However, that doesn’t mean the best-known varieties have always been easy for most American brewers to get, or—as some growers will admit—of consistent quality.

So, what’s changing?

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