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Hops Insider: What’s New, Post-CBC Edition

As usual, the recent Craft Brewers Conference was a chance for hop suppliers to unveil new products and projects relevant to brewers—pelletized wet hops, concentrated Nelson Sauvin, the arrival of Luminosa, the hop harvests Down Under, and more.

Stan Hieronymus May 10, 2022 - 12 min read

Hops Insider: What’s New, Post-CBC Edition Primary Image

Susan Wheeler of New Zealand’s Hop Revolution with the new Nelson Sauvin CGX concentrate hop pellets, produced in cooperation with Oregon’s Crosby Hops.

The newest pellets from Yakima Chief Hops (YCH), introduced without fanfare during the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) in Minneapolis, don’t look like any others produced during the past 50 years. They are neon green, almost glowing. Although they won’t make a beer look equally radioactive, they will deliver odor compounds usually lost during the kilning process.

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