Infographic: The Over/Under on Beer Ratings

To illustrate how some styles of beer tend to attract more effusive ratings than others, we compared the top scorers in several categories.

Jamie Bogner Apr 19, 2024 - 2 min read

Infographic: The Over/Under on Beer Ratings Primary Image

The most important metric for any beer, obviously is sales: Ratings can tell that someone loved a beer, but they can't tell you whether they bought another one.

Nonetheless, Untappd remains the most influential platform for consumer beer reviews. And when drinkers see a beer’s aggregate score on Untappd, they see only the average bottle-cap score, between 0 and 5. Where the beer ranks among others in its style category isn’t clear—scoring in the high 3s should be impressive for a pale lager, for example, given how it stacks up against others of its type. Yet that would less impressive for a big-flavored imperial stout.

Here, we averaged the scores of the top 10 highest-scoring beers in several categories, to get a sense of how certain styles attract more effusive scores than others. All these scores, however, reflect beers in the top percentile of their style categories.

Data source: Untappd