Jamie Bogner

Infographic: The Hops Pullback

As hop growers and the brewing industry manage an ongoing hop surplus, farmers this year planted fewer acres. But will that mean fewer hops? Here, we sketch out the past 15 years of hop acreage, as well as hops kept in stock over that time.

Q&A: Roadhouse Cofounder Colby Cox

The cofounder of Roadhouse Brewing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, discusses growing with confidence, the challenges of integration, and how sustainability helps the bottom line.

Infographic: Brewing Industry Burnout, Quantified

A recent survey found a high degree of occupational exhaustion among people who work various jobs in the brewing industry. Here we present the responses graphically as a violin plot.

Infographic: The Top 50 Craft Brewers by Volume in 2023

This week the Brewers Association updated its annual list of the top 50 craft brewers in the United States by volume of beer produced, so we’ve updated our infographic that tracks the shifts in rankings and new arrivals each year.

Infographic: CB&B Top Scoring Beers

What kinds of beers has our Craft Beer & Brewing blind judging panel enjoyed the most? Here’s a visual breakdown of their top 50 beers scored over the past few years.

Q&A: Revolution CMO Doug Veliky

The chief financial officer turned chief marketing officer at Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, known for dabbling in hot takes via his humorous social-media presence @beeraficionado, offers his perspective on the trends facing craft beer in 2023.

Infographic: The Long Tail of American Craft Breweries

When we talk about the number of breweries in the United States—roughly 9,200 today—we often overlook the fact that the vast majority of them produce relatively tiny amounts of beer compared to the rest.

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Expanded Q&A: Tomme Arthur on “Growing Down”

The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing cofounder Tomme Arthur explains what it means to “grow down” for the long haul amid an increasingly competitive landscape for American brewers.

Infographic: Hops Around The World

Where are your hops grown? To put the hop-growing regions in their global context, here’s a comparative look at the production in various countries.

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Q&A: Highland CEO Leah Wong Ashburn

At the helm of North Carolina’s Highland Brewing, founded by her father Oscar Wong in 1994, Leah Wong Ashburn discusses how they’re doubling down on people, values, and experience in today’s challenging environment.