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Infographic: CB&B Top Scoring Beers

What kinds of beers has our Craft Beer & Brewing blind judging panel enjoyed the most? Here’s a visual breakdown of their top 50 beers scored over the past few years.

Jamie Bogner Apr 6, 2023 - 1 min read

Infographic: CB&B Top Scoring Beers Primary Image

Illustration: Jamie Bogner

While recently perusing Untappd’s top 50 beers, as rated by its users, we were struck by some curious facts: All but three beers on the list were over 10 percent ABV; all but five were barrel-aged; and all but five were stouts or barleywines.

Intrigued by this consistency, we wondered how our own top 50—as scored by Craft Beer & Brewing’s blind-judging panel—compared.

These charts illustrate the range of beers they’ve loved the most.

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