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Marketing Trends: Augmented-Reality Packaging for Small Breweries

Tech that can bring beer labels to life—with animation, music, information, stories, and more—may soon be affordable to even the smallest breweries.

Kate Bernot May 13, 2021 - 9 min read

Marketing Trends: Augmented-Reality Packaging for Small Breweries Primary Image

Image: Courtesy Third Aurora

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If you’ve purchased a bottle of 19 Crimes wine, you might have played around with its augmented-reality (AR) labels. When scanned with the Living Wine Labels app, they become animated on a drinker’s smartphone screen, allowing the criminals depicted on the labels to tell the stories of their lives and crimes.

The technology is an intriguing possibility for breweries, but until recently it’s generally been too expensive for all but the largest companies. However, developers are now trying to put AR label technology within the reach of smaller budgets.

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