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Putting Mid-Fermentation Dry Hops to the Test

Recent experiments at New Belgium could help smaller breweries decide whether the benefits of mid-fermentation dry hopping are worth the potential costs.

Stan Hieronymus May 6, 2024 - 11 min read

Putting Mid-Fermentation Dry Hops to the Test Primary Image

Photo: Matt Graves/

When New Belgium shares information about dry hopping, brewers have good reason to listen. The brewery sells more IPA than any other in the United States.

The fact that New Belgium chooses not to add hops during the fermentation of any of its immensely popular Voodoo Ranger IPAs—a choice based on research that began in 2018—doesn’t necessarily mean that the many brewers who use that process should abandon it.

Those brewers may, however, benefit by pondering the experiments and results.

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