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Hops Insider: Putting Survivables to the Test

Research into the aroma compounds that best survive the brewing process—and which hops are high in them—has changed how brewers add hops to their IPAs and other beers. As more research emerges, so do more opportunities to improve hop aroma.

Stan Hieronymus Nov 27, 2023 - 11 min read

Hops Insider: Putting Survivables to the Test Primary Image

Survivable Compounds Crop Year 2022 Graph, courtesy Yakima Chief Hops.

It’s been fewer than three years since Yakima Chief Hops put its Survivable Compounds Handbook into the hands of brewers, yet “hop survivables” has earned a spot in the brewing lexicon. It’s also led to more research that could be useful to brewers.

Those who have yet to see the survivables chart that YCH provided at the time can still catch up easily. Those who are already familiar with it may want to consider what’s been updated.

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