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Q&A: 3 Fonteinen’s Werner van Obberghen

The business of supporting a creative brewing and blending enterprise is always delicate, but in the case of 3 Fonteinen, the weight of history and the expectations that come with brewing inside a storied tradition can create additional challenges.

Jamie Bogner , Joe Stange Mar 31, 2022 - 15 min read

Q&A: 3 Fonteinen’s Werner van Obberghen Primary Image

From left: Lukas Van den Abeele, Werner van Obberghen, and Michael Blancquaert. Photo: Jamie Bogner

In this conversation, recorded for the Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast, managing director Werner Van Obberghen muses about growing pains, the impact of COVID, the next generation, refocusing on craft malt, and going organic.

Notably, a few weeks after this conversation, 3 Fonteinen’s longtime brewer and master blender Armand Debelder died after a long battle with illness. Now, Van Obberghen, brewer Michaël Blancquaert, and their colleagues aim to carry Debelder’s vision and legacy forward.

As told to Jamie Bogner and Joe Stange

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