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Ready to Tango? New Hop Varieties on the Way

From Anchovy to Vista, here are some interesting hop cultivars on the immediate horizon—plus a couple of experiments that may be the next to get names.

Stan Hieronymus Mar 21, 2022 - 14 min read

Ready to Tango? New Hop Varieties on the Way Primary Image

Artwork to showcase the flavors of the new Vista hop variety. Art by Em Sauter, Pints and Panels LLC.

Have we reached Peak Hops when a brewer—in this case, Fast Fashion in Seattle—makes a beer called Tinned Fish and spices it with a hop called Anchovy?

The answer, of course, is no. Brewers have additional varieties to choose from since the 2020 harvest, and more are on the way. The newest of the new may not have the impact of last year’s rookies—Talus from the U.S. Northwest, Nectaron from New Zealand, and Eclipse from Australia—but they reflect the ongoing interest in hops with bold, attention-getting aromas and flavors as well as cultivars with better agronomic attributes.

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