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Reduce, Capture, Recycle: Emerging Tech Could Combat CO2 Shortages

Whether we’re sucking it directly from the air or recapturing it from active fermentation, several factors—shortages, rising costs, and environmental concerns—are nudging more breweries away from dependence on external CO2 supply.

Kate Bernot Oct 3, 2022 - 8 min read

Reduce, Capture, Recycle: Emerging Tech Could Combat CO2 Shortages Primary Image

Photo: Courtesy Old Bust Head Brewing

Given the choice, most people elect to hear the bad news first. So, here goes: Carbon dioxide supply remains extremely tight, and it’s not likely to improve in the near term. Among all inputs tracked by Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson, CO2 prices increased most steeply between May and July, outpacing malt, paperboard, aluminum cans, and even freight.

“Not a pretty picture,” Watson says.

More unfortunate still, the situation is unlikely to reverse course.

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