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Solving for Pie: Three Ways to Lure Them with Pizza

Simply having great beer is no longer enough, and on-site pie is a hit any way you slice it. Using pizza as a prism, here are three operational approaches to drawing more customers with food.

Kate Bernot Jul 3, 2023 - 9 min read

Solving for Pie: Three Ways to Lure Them with Pizza Primary Image

Photo: Joe Stange

As the availability of quality beer spreads to venues from movie theaters to hair salons, food is increasingly a motivator for guests to choose to visit a brewery—or to stay there for one more round. According to the Brewers Association, brewpubs with food increased their production volume by 5 percent last year, even while overall craft-brewery production remained flat.

For breweries looking to add a food option, few things bring people to the table like pizza. Yet its ubiquity can make pizza seem deceptively simple. In fact, there are multiple routes breweries can take to serving pizza, from building out full kitchens to serve gourmet pies to simply plugging in a toaster oven to heat frozen options. Broadly, these also reflect a taproom’s options for any relatively straightforward kitchen program.

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