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The Basics of Anti-Harassment for Small Breweries

Fun, casual workplaces in industries dominated by men tend to be the most prone to sexual harassment issues. Here are several ways to get ahead of potential problems and protect your team.

Kate Bernot Feb 17, 2021 - 8 min read

The Basics of Anti-Harassment for Small Breweries Primary Image

The allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination that surfaced recently at Boulevard Brewing were a shock to the industry, given the brewery’s prominence and the pervasive nature of the alleged misconduct. Inevitably, other breweries found themselves asking: Could this happen here? What can be done to prevent it?

Small and medium-sized breweries without dedicated human-resources departments may be scratching their heads. It’s common for small businesses not to have HR departments, says Christina Michael, a Philadelphia-based partner at Fisher Phillips, a firm that focuses on employment litigation and counseling. However, she says, that doesn’t excuse a company from developing anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, and anti-retaliation policies and systems.

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