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What Malt Can Do for Your Thiols

It’s long been known that malt contains precursor compounds that can be unlocked via fermentation for bright, tropical-fruit aromas. Researchers are beginning to quantify those contributions, and brewers are putting them to work in the brewhouse.

Kate Bernot Mar 27, 2023 - 10 min read

What Malt Can Do for Your Thiols Primary Image

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In the pursuit of popular tropical aromas, it’s become fashionable to harness thiols and figure out how to maximize their contribution from hops. Ironically, that attention to thiol expression has yet to focus much on the ingredient that’s most responsible for it: malted barley.

Research is ongoing in all areas, but so far, hops and genetically modified “thiolized” yeasts are the tools that brewers are employing most often in the thiol workshop. However, a few scientists and brewers are discovering just how powerful a lever malt can be in this realm.

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