Brewing Industry Guide Staff

Registration Opens for First World Beer Cup in Four Years

Breweries worldwide have until November 10 to register for entry into the 2022 World Beer Cup, with beer samples due in March.

New Initiative Connects Breweries with Training to Make Bars, Taprooms Safer for All

Launched by beer professionals, the Safe Bars PACT encourages codes of conduct and training to help prevent gender-based harassment.

Carbon Neutral Toolkit Aims to Help Breweries Act on Climate Change

Produced and made freely available by New Belgium Brewing in Colorado, the new resource is meant to help breweries of all sizes make plans to measure and reduce their carbon footprints.

Avoid Kettle Boilovers: BA Publishes New Resource

The Brewers Association has issued new guidance to help prevent dangerous boilovers in the brewhouse.

Brave Noise Collab Aims to Sustain Anti-Sexism Push

The recent social media–fueled reckoning in the beer industry has led to a new open-source collaboration. Brave Noise aims to continue the conversation about sexism, discrimination, and workplace culture at breweries worldwide.

Things We Don’t Say: New Open-Source Collab to Support Mental Health

Joining All Together IPA and Black Is Beautiful among recent open-invitation collaborations to raise funds and awareness for a cause, a new effort—called Things We Don’t Say IPA—aims to do the same for mental-health issues.

Report: Consumer Interest in Direct-Shipped Beer Outpaces Its Legality

The Brewers Association and Sovos ShipCompliant have teamed up on a report that gauges drinkers’ interest in having beer shipped to their homes. Among craft beer drinkers, 84 percent say state laws should be updated to allow it.

Stimulus Deal to Make Excise-Tax Cuts Permanent

The major spending package includes additional relief for small businesses—including a provision that indefinitely extends excise-tax cuts for breweries.

As Clock Ticks on Brewery Tax Relief, BA Calls for Day of Action

Lower excise-tax rates in place since 2018 are set to expire, even as Congress has yet to approve additional pandemic-era economic stimulus for small businesses. The Brewers Association is urging breweries to contact lawmakers on Tuesday, December 1.

No Fest for FoBAB, But Its Barrel-Aged Beer Comp Rolls Forward

The pandemic has sidelined another festival, but the competition for barrel-aged beers will continue, and would-be festgoers can buy mixed sixers to participate from home.