Joe Stange

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“Healthier” Booze: It's a Lifestyle (Trend)

The sales numbers don’t lie: Many drinkers are looking for what they see as healthier ways to imbibe. To meet that demand, do you need new equipment? Can you use what you already have? Here are some specific techniques (and gear) to consider.

Don't Quit Your Day Job

If you’re going to run a small brewery, there’s no rule that says you have to do it full-time. Here are the perspectives of two entrepreneurs who went pro without giving up their other careers.

Case Study: Wolves & People

Christian DeBenedetti once wrote about beer. Now he makes it—collecting wild yeast from bees and plums and using oak puncheons for primary fermentation. In Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the future of Wolves & People remains unwritten.

#IAmCraftBeer Has Momentum. Where to Next?

It started as a tweet, in response to the sort of anonymous personal attack that has become all too common online. Then it struck a chord, and it snowballed. That ball is still rolling.

Case Study: Moody Tongue

In this era of stripped-down industrial taprooms and food trucks, Moody Tongue’s classy new Dining Room in Chicago offers $155 pairing menus. Behind the scenes: a brewer who thinks like a chef, and a chef who drinks like a brewer.

Is Lager Really Having a Moment?

Be still, my beating heart: There are data to back up the oft-repeated (or is it oft-wished?) observation that lager may be the next big thing.

Careful (Optional) Reopening on the Horizon

The Brewers Association releases a checklist for breweries preparing to reopen their doors. Meanwhile, amid lean times for the industry, the group announces layoffs and budget cuts.

Case Study: Wellspent

This St. Louis brewery was making highly regarded beer, but that wasn’t enough to keep it going in a tightening market. Here, Founder and Brewer Kyle Kohlmorgen shares lessons learned in the getting to open—and then having to shut down—his dream.

State of the Industry: 2019 Numbers Bring Pandemic Impact into Stark Relief

Craft beer saw a continuation of steady growth last year—a mark that will inevitably be used to measure the negative impact of COVID-19 and the measures needed to curb it.

Experts to Brewers: Here’s What to Say to Your Lawmakers

In an unprecedented crisis, the U.S. government will try to mitigate the damage to the economy and small businesses. But what form will those measures take, and how soon? Here are specific recommendations for brewers calling their lawmakers today.