Joe Stange

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Hospitality Goes into Hibernation; Beer Industry Braces for Impact

As people stay home, social practices meant to save lives will take a toll on businesses that rely on public life. Where possible, breweries are adapting to stay afloat.

Craft Brewers Conference Cancelled Amid Pandemic Concerns

As coronavirus spreads, the Brewers Association has called off the CBC, World BrewExpo trade show, and World Beer Cup out of caution.

As Pandemic Looms, Craft Brewers Conference Faces Tough Call

So far, the Brewers Association says the CBC and World Beer Cup will move forward. Meanwhile, the BA has published best-practices guidelines for breweries during the pandemic.

Navigating the Hops Market

How much should you lock in on a hops contract, and for how long? How much should you rely on the spot market? Here are three perspectives on how to make sure your brewery has the hops it needs.

Tennessee Breweries Respond to Severe Tornado Damage

A few breweries suffer damage and temporary closures, while others contribute to recovery efforts.

Members Only! (Join the Club)

No taproom, no distro; you just have to know. Brad Clark’s Private Press is an experiment in membership-only beer sales.

Editor’s Notebook: Seltzer and the Super Bowl

The beverage ecommerce service Drizly shares its data on what people drank during one of the year’s biggest weekends for parties and advertising.

South Texas Showdown: Bud, Bocks, and Billboards in Shiner

How one of America’s most iconic beer brands got outflanked in its own backyard by a proxy of the world’s largest beer company.

At a Glance: Sales Trends Going into 2020

Hard seltzer continues to sparkle; cans are set to out-fill bottles; and brewers are betting high on low-strength, low-cal, low-carb.

Barring Renewal, Excise Tax Cuts Set to Expire

Small brewers got big tax relief in 2017, but the clock was set to two years. Will Congress act to renew the cuts?