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Craft Brewers Conference Prepares for In-Person Events “with More Elbow Room”

While Homebrew Con and GABF stay virtual for 2021, the CBC and its global brewing trade show will start accepting registration on May 4 for limited in-person attendance in Denver.

Going Beyond Beer, Bavarian-Style

Many German breweries produce more than beer, and Urban Chestnut’s Florian Kuplent got his start at just such a brewery. Here he explains a pragmatic approach to broadening a brewing business, walking us drink-by-drink through their beverage program.

Beyond Beer: The Art & Science of Hard Seltzer

To brew a quality product and set it apart in an increasingly crowded market, there is a lot more to know than how to ferment sugary water. Here, we lay out some specific technical considerations for brewing better hard seltzer, properly and safely.

The Night Shift Founders Tinker with their Business Like They Tinker with their Beers

The programmer’s approach—test out a new thing, see if it works, then fine-tune and launch the update—has led Boston-area brewery Night Shift into a diverse portfolio of beverages and a flourishing distribution business.

Event Marketing: Keeping Them Coming (Safely)

Among the myriad ways that taprooms and brewpubs are luring customers this winter—beyond blankets and space heaters—is one approach that appears counterintuitive during a pandemic: by organizing special events.

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It’s Not Just Breweries—State Brewers’ Guilds Are Pivoting, Too. Here’s How.

State brewers’ guilds work for the common interest of independent breweries, but the pandemic dealt a severe blow to their ability to raise money and operate. Here’s how they’re getting by—and how breweries and suppliers can get involved.

From Waffles to Cyberpunks: Cross-Promo Beers Are Alive and Well

The pandemic may have hindered the hospitality business, but in no way has it hindered the ongoing proliferation of offbeat, often counterintuitive brewery team-ups with other enterprises.

Did Fresh-Hop Season Just Get Longer?

Collaborators on a storage-and-shipping experiment report that a special produce container preserved fresh, unprocessed hops for six weeks—and it may work for longer.

News & Analysis: Election Over (Bring on the Inauguration Beers)

Whether you would rather forget about the past four years, the election itself, or the bizarre and interminable period that followed the election, it would seem that we all could use a beer.

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“This Is Disgusting”: How Night Shift Sold the Team on Hard Seltzer

In this excerpt from our Case Study on Night Shift Brewing—from our freshly published Brewing Industry Guide Winter issue—the Boston brewery’s cofounders explain the process behind their successful Hoot hard seltzer.