Kate Bernot

Out to Dry: Southwest Water Shortages Offer Lessons for All

The American Southwest is facing historic reductions in something that breweries use in great quantity: water. The situation is politically fraught, but there are ways that breweries can reduce their water use and make a difference.

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GPOs: Bigger Buying Power for Smaller Breweries

They can’t do it all, but group purchasing organizations offer a way for smaller breweries to access substantial savings on needed materials and key services. Here’s what to know.

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Shop Smart: Expert Tips for Buying Used Brewhouse Equipment

Buying equipment is one of the most expensive things a brewery can do—and the process is fraught with risks. Here are some dos and don’ts from two experts on evaluating, buying, and transporting major gear.

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Facing the New (No-)Growth Reality

Barring a dramatic shift in the forecast, independent breweries should be planning for a future of low—or even no—sales growth. The safest path forward includes reducing risk, optimizing cash flow, and focusing on profitability.

Case Study: Revision Brewing

After three early years of explosive growth for Revision, the pandemic combined with leadership changes to slow the company’s roll. Yet Revision made it through—and the Nevada brewery has never been better prepared for the future.

The State of the Seasonals: Celebrating On-Premise

While seasonals can struggle to stand out in chain retail, they tend to shine brighter at bars and restaurants.

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The State of the Seasonals

The sea of beer variety has flipped the appeal of seasonal beers on its head—but they can still sell well. Here’s some insight on how to capitalize.

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You’ve Got Mail: How Tröegs Built and Sustains its Email Marketing

The Pennsylvania brewery’s customer long-running newsletter boasts 60,000 subscribers—and growing—with an enviable open rate. In this second of a two-part series, we zoom in on how Tröegs got there.

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You’ve Got Mail: Brewery Newsletters Are Worth the Effort

Breweries that fawn over social media while ignoring their email subscriber list are doing themselves a disservice. In the first of a two-part series, here’s why and how to refresh your newsletter strategy.

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Reduce, Capture, Recycle: Emerging Tech Could Combat CO2 Shortages

Whether we’re sucking it directly from the air or recapturing it from active fermentation, several factors—shortages, rising costs, and environmental concerns—are nudging more breweries away from dependence on external CO2 supply.