Kate Bernot

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The State of the Seasonals

The sea of beer variety has flipped the appeal of seasonal beers on its head—but they can still sell well. Here’s some insight on how to capitalize.

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You’ve Got Mail: How Tröegs Built and Sustains its Email Marketing

The Pennsylvania brewery’s customer long-running newsletter boasts 60,000 subscribers—and growing—with an enviable open rate. In this second of a two-part series, we zoom in on how Tröegs got there.

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You’ve Got Mail: Brewery Newsletters Are Worth the Effort

Breweries that fawn over social media while ignoring their email subscriber list are doing themselves a disservice. In the first of a two-part series, here’s why and how to refresh your newsletter strategy.

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Reduce, Capture, Recycle: Emerging Tech Could Combat CO2 Shortages

Whether we’re sucking it directly from the air or recapturing it from active fermentation, several factors—shortages, rising costs, and environmental concerns—are nudging more breweries away from dependence on external CO2 supply.

Case Study: DC Brau Is Lobbying for Mainsteam Success in the Beltway

After 11 years in business in the nation’s capital, DC Brau is banking on a nostalgia-infused mainstream lager and a neighborhood taproom to keep the local love flowing.

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Drinkers Decoded: What Market Research Says about Today’s Consumers

These demographic insights could help you please the fans you already have—and, potentially, win the ones you don’t have yet.

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The Pluses and Pitfalls of Brewing House Beers

When done correctly, producing exclusive beers for bars and restaurants can be a sales and marketing win. However, they also come with production challenges and regulatory hurdles.

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Why Your Tech Stack Matters Now More Than Ever

When efficiency and smart investment are top priorities, it’s time to make sure your brewery’s tech suite—from inventory to sales—delivers.

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Responding to Inflation (Without Raising Prices)

From packaging mix to vendor contracts, here are areas that deserve breweries’ attention when margins are shrinking and every dollar counts.

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“Beyond Good Beer”: Are Prestige Beer Events Losing Their Luster?

As large-scale, destination beer festivals emerge from COVID hiatuses, they are encountering a different competitive and economic landscape from just a few years ago.