Kate Bernot

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Going Big: Unlocking the Sales Potential of Double and Triple IPAs

Sales of imperial IPAs are outpacing their standard-strength counterparts. Yet breweries need to find the right packaging mix, price point, recipe, and marketing to keep margins in line.

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Adjusting to the New Realities of Draft Beer

Given the ongoing uncertainty in on-premise hospitality, there are fewer taps flowing than there were two years ago. Yet those open draft lines represent opportunities for breweries willing to adjust and build relationships.

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Beer Advocates: How Breweries Can Navigate Social Issues

Like it or not, social and political issues are becoming impossible for breweries and other businesses to avoid. Here is concrete advice on knowing when and how to get involved, and on how to choose your battles.

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Subscriptions, Perks, and Play: Strategies to Drive Recurring DTC Orders

Recurring payments, exclusive memberships, loyalty rewards, and games are among the ways that breweries of all sizes can keep customers engaged in e-commerce.

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Strength in Numbers: How Craft-on-Craft Deals Turn “Acquisition” from Dirty Word to Mutual Opportunity

While some brewery owners seek a way out while keeping the brands they’ve built alive, others see opportunities to grow, diversify, and gain efficiencies.

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Forecasting for 2022: The Murky Crystal Ball Says, “Remain Agile”

Here’s how breweries are building in flexibility amid ongoing shortages, supply-chain headaches, labor crunches, and the rising costs that obfuscate next year’s forecasts.

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Brewers Wanted: In this Tight Labor Market, Competition for Production Staff is Stiff

The economy’s so-called “Great Resignation” isn’t affecting only the hospitality side of the brewing business—it’s also affecting the brewhouse.

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So, You Want to Export?

There is growing demand abroad for local, niche products—including beer. Even smaller breweries can tap into that sales channel. Here’s how to evaluate your brewery’s potential to export beer abroad.

Cape May Brewing Has No Secret Sauce

With careful planning and carefree beers, the New Jersey brewery took itself from a Shore town taproom to a three-state powerhouse.

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How to Keep Ahead of the Crunch on Cans

Even as the shortage of aluminum cans gradually eases, supply-chain issues are wreaking havoc on price and availability. Here are specific tips for making sure you have the packaging you need, when you need it.