Kate Bernot

Sales & Digital: E-Commerce for All

When COVID-19 shuttered taprooms and bars, the cofounders of a Maryland brewery whipped up a direct-to-consumer beer-sales platform, called Biermi, in record time. Then they gave it away for free.

Case Study: West Sixth Farm

When Lexington, Kentucky-based West Sixth Brewing bought 125 acres in rural Franklin County, it learned that agriculture is only one part of the equation.

Widening the Welcome

In a predominantly white and male industry, there are still some clear, common-sense avenues for getting more people—and more kinds of people—to apply for jobs and give your taproom a try.

Case Study: The Ale Apothecary

Stubborn idealism meets commercial reality at one of the country’s best-regarded mixed-fermentation breweries. But as the market continues to change, how will the brewery’s strategy change with it?

Case Study: Off Color Brewing

When a fermentation-obsessed brewery tries its hand at making sake, it learns how to balance a side project while staying true to its identity—and business plan.