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Fostering a Culture of Accountability at Small Breweries

The recent outpouring of stories about sexism and harassment makes it plain that breweries must do more to cultivate environments where people look out for each other. Here are concrete suggestions from experts on how to get there.

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Marketing Trends: Augmented-Reality Packaging for Small Breweries

Tech that can bring beer labels to life—with animation, music, information, stories, and more—may soon be affordable to even the smallest breweries.

Case Study: HOMES (& Smooj)

A small Michigan brewpub created a monster with its increasingly popular smoothie seltzer, expanding its footprint and inspiring imitators.

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Quality Control: Top Tips for Reducing DO on Inline Canning

Let’s give the DO topic some oxygen—here are some practical ways that breweries using inline and mobile canning setups can reduce O2 in the package and better control freshness.

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Designing Your Brewery’s Website to Pump Up Online Orders

More breweries are now using their websites to sell beer directly to drinkers, whether for on-site pickup or for delivery straight to their doors. Subpar design can hinder those sales. Here are ways to help customers buy more.

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Next Trends: Beer Predictions from a Flavor Scientist

Donna Wamsley of Seattle-based SoRSE Technology—a specialist in figuring out how to get flavors into our foods and drinks—talks consumer trends and what’s on the horizon for the beer industry.

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Five Lobbying Lessons for Brewers in 2021—and Beyond

Changes to local, state, and federal laws helped to keep breweries going last year, and they can lead to greater success going forward. Here are ways that brewers and brewery operators can help make it happen.

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Brewhouse Trends: Problem-Solving for the Long-Term

When uncertainty rules the day, brewhouse-equipment purchases need to offer trusted ROI. Breweries should look for equipment that solves today’s problems—but also tees up future flexibility.

Case Study: Hopewell Brewing

The pandemic hit urban, taproom-focused breweries such as Chicago’s Hopewell harder than most. Despite keeping its taproom closed, Hopewell has survived and thrived by leaning into to-go beer, widening its offerings, and widening its welcome.

The Basics of Anti-Harassment for Small Breweries

Fun, casual workplaces in industries dominated by men tend to be the most prone to sexual harassment issues. Here are several ways to get ahead of potential problems and protect your team.