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Thiols, Unchained: More Ways to Unlock Tropical Aromas

Here’s how new yeasts are taking advantage of genetic editing and modification to free up thiols—not only in hops, but also in barley malt—for more expressive tropical aromas and flavors.

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Hops Insider: Get to Know the Synergy of Survivables

Knowing the aroma compounds that better survive the brewing process—and how best to use those that don’t—can help brewers get more from their hop additions and blends.

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Hops for the Future: Preserving the Nobility

In this ongoing series that looks at hop-related issues that will matter to brewers in the years to come, Stan Hieronymus spotlights the need to think ahead when it comes to securing the future of some valued hops from the past.

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More Exotic Hop Varieties Are on the Way—and These Won’t Be Proprietary

After years of research, brewer-led efforts to develop more exotic, expressive hop varieties that anyone can plant are beginning to sprout.

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Hops Insider: Time to Talk Terroir

Terroir in hops is real. Even the same varieties grown in nearby fields can wind up with different attributes, and beloved varieties can vary from farm to farm and lot to lot. Some drinkers are interested, too—and might pay a premium.

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Smoke Taint: Not Just for Grapes Anymore

Last year’s wildfires had an unforeseen effect on the 2020 hop crop. The phenols involved have low volatility and high solubility, which means they transfer easily from hops to beer. Here’s what you need to know.

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Underrated Aroma Hops: 10 Great Teammates at Rookie-Contract Prices

There are “cheater” hops and there are “cheaper” hops, but the latter can also offer the big exotic aromas and flavors that are popular today. Stan Hieronymus has specific suggestions for varieties and how they might be employed in the brewhouse.

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The Hops Insider: The Next Big Thing

In a new, exclusive feature for Brewing Industry Guide All-Access subscribers, Stan Hieronymus goes deep on the latest in hops news and knowledge. This month, he zooms in on a question: Which new, hot varieties have a shot at becoming the Next Big Thing?

Forward Contracting Hops

When breweries contract their hops usage at least three years in advance, it lets hops growers better project the varieties to grow and whether to expand the farms, helps prevent shortages or overages, and creates more stability in the hops market.