Tom Wilmes

The Case for Growing Bigger by Going Smaller

As the craft-beer industry continues to mature and gain market share, top brewers foresee a future where the largest growth opportunities are found on a smaller scale.

The Growth of Specialty Malts

Where craft brewers used to be somewhat limited in the varieties and specifications of their malt, large and smaller producers alike are beginning to provide more options with craft in mind.

Playing the Hops Market

Given recent shortages and the overall volatility of the world’s hops market, a smart brewer knows the safe bet is on soundly reasoned contracts.

Right-Sizing Your Brewhouse

Evaluate your brewing style and production goals to find a system that will move you forward.

The Art of Blending Beer

Firestone Walker Brewmaster Matt Brynildson is at the forefront of the commercial side of blending beer, blending everything from the signature limited-release anniversary bottles to their widely released six-pack beer DBA.