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Five Lobbying Lessons for Brewers in 2021—and Beyond

Changes to local, state, and federal laws helped to keep breweries going last year, and they can lead to greater success going forward. Here are ways that brewers and brewery operators can help make it happen.

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Brewhouse Trends: Problem-Solving for the Long-Term

When uncertainty rules the day, brewhouse-equipment purchases need to offer trusted ROI. Breweries should look for equipment that solves today’s problems—but also tees up future flexibility.

Case Study: Hopewell Brewing

The pandemic hit urban, taproom-focused breweries such as Chicago’s Hopewell harder than most. Despite keeping its taproom closed, Hopewell has survived and thrived by leaning into to-go beer, widening its offerings, and widening its welcome.

The Basics of Anti-Harassment for Small Breweries

Fun, casual workplaces in industries dominated by men tend to be the most prone to sexual harassment issues. Here are several ways to get ahead of potential problems and protect your team.

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Shifting from Cans Back to Bottles? Here’s What You Should Know.

The aluminum-can shortage has led many breweries to take a fresh look at putting brands back into glass bottles. Logistically, of course, this is no mere flipping of a switch. Here are some factors to consider.

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Forecasting Beer in a Mysterious Year

Have a plan—but build it with a cushion that will allow your business to adapt to the unexpected and take the occasional risk. Here, the planners at North Carolina’s Highland Brewing share their evolving approach and best advice.

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Five Strategies for Driving Repeat To-Go Sales

Thousands of small, taproom-focused breweries are keeping afloat during the pandemic by leaning into to-go sales. How can we encourage those customers to keep coming back? One small brewery in Vermont has developed tactics that are working already.

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In Packs and Off-Premise, Revolution is Thriving

A strong off-premise retail strategy—including smart packaging decisions—is helping to keep Chicago’s Revolution Brewing afloat during the pandemic.

Sales & Digital: E-Commerce for All

When COVID-19 shuttered taprooms and bars, the cofounders of a Maryland brewery whipped up a direct-to-consumer beer-sales platform, called Biermi, in record time. Then they gave it away for free.

Case Study: West Sixth Farm

When Lexington, Kentucky-based West Sixth Brewing bought 125 acres in rural Franklin County, it learned that agriculture is only one part of the equation.