Kate Bernot

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The Pluses and Pitfalls of Brewing House Beers

When done correctly, producing exclusive beers for bars and restaurants can be a sales and marketing win. However, they also come with production challenges and regulatory hurdles.

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Why Your Tech Stack Matters Now More Than Ever

When efficiency and smart investment are top priorities, it’s time to make sure your brewery’s tech suite—from inventory to sales—delivers.

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Responding to Inflation (Without Raising Prices)

From packaging mix to vendor contracts, here are areas that deserve breweries’ attention when margins are shrinking and every dollar counts.

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“Beyond Good Beer”: Are Prestige Beer Events Losing Their Luster?

As large-scale, destination beer festivals emerge from COVID hiatuses, they are encountering a different competitive and economic landscape from just a few years ago.

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More Lessons Beer Can Learn from FMBs, RTDs, Energy Drinks & Beyond

You don’t have to join ’em to beat ’em. Trends in flavored malt beverages, canned cocktails, and even nonalcoholic products suggest new ways to develop and market beer that connects with today’s exploratory drinkers.

Chicago’s Maplewood Is Growing While Keeping “that Neighborhood Vibe”

This hybrid brewery and distillery is igniting growth with a second location while staying true to the quality-focused principles that lit its spark.

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Spirited Side Projects: Breweries Mix It up with Canned Cocktails

Looking to widen their customer base, hybrid brewery-distilleries are getting into ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

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When the Answer to “Beyond Beer”… Is Beer

Fruit beers with straightforward flavors and familiar inspirations may be all that breweries need to keep up with ready-to-drink canned cocktails. (The little umbrellas are optional.)

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Amidst Affordable Housing Crisis, Some Breweries Become Landlords

As rentals have become unavailable or unaffordable in towns where workers live, breweries weigh a novel solution: providing housing for employees.

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Call It a Comeback: Breweries Revive Historic Lagers for the 21st Century

Driven by nostalgia, hometown connections, and the chance to sell some beer at volume, a handful of independent breweries are successfully reviving long-lost local lager brands.