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Hard Tea Isn’t Hard for Breweries to Love

Twisted or otherwise, hard tea can be made creatively at a small scale while appealing to a surprising range of customers. Here’s how a few small breweries are finding ways to make this drink work for their operations.

Case Study: Primitive Is Committed to Spontaneously Fermented Beer—and to Making It Fun

With a tight focus on oak-aged beers inspired by Belgian lambic and gueuze, Lisa and Brandon Boldt are making their niche more convivial and approachable.

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Are Your Cans Fit for Hard-to-Hold Drinks?

New research and can-lining tech are expanding the options for beverages such as hard kombucha, canned cocktails, and more. Meanwhile, experts strongly urge brewers to test their cans thoroughly before releasing new drinks to market.

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What If Your Heart’s No Longer in It?

Results of a burnout survey indicate beer industry pros are asking fundamental questions about their career paths, often feeling undervalued—and some are leaving it all behind.

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Developing New Sales Models in a Tough Market

With tighter competition, fewer wholesalers, and lower wholesaler interest, small breweries are looking for incremental ways to grow sales. That’s led to new models and some new opportunities—but there are no easy paths.

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Don’t Break in Case of Emergency: Preparing for the Next Disaster

As damaging weather events become more common, breweries should consider whether investing in backup equipment now could help save money in the long term.

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Copacking Offers Another Route to Product Diversity

For some breweries looking beyond beer, copackers have become vital partners for launching new products. Here’s what to know when weighing your options.

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The Stovepipe Challenge: Weighing 19.2 Fluid Ounces of Opportunity and Risk

Much of the growth in convenience-store beer coolers is in the form of large, single-serve packages—but that doesn’t make the stovepipe a sure bet for all breweries.

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What Malt Can Do for Your Thiols

It’s long been known that malt contains precursor compounds that can be unlocked via fermentation for bright, tropical-fruit aromas. Researchers are beginning to quantify those contributions, and brewers are putting them to work in the brewhouse.

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Case Study: Forager & Humble Forager

Minnesota’s peculiar beer laws compelled Austin Jevne and Annie Henderson to spin off a contract-brewed brand distinct from their original brewpub. Turns out, the lemonade they made from those lemons tastes pretty sweet.